Romney’s European Vacation


Join the fun as the Bill's  talk about Mitt's fabulous European Vacation. We look into the mind of Louis Gohmer from Texas and find mice in the corners. We discuss Colorado, update the polls and senate races....and announce our Asshats and Heros.

Special Edition: Again…


The Bill's discuss the insanity and tragedy of the Colorado Shootings. Why is nothing done about guns?

Mitt Romney: Toastmaster


The Bill's chat about Mitt's great "relating" with the Black Community. We listen to what writer Paddy Chayevski  wrote about the coming Corporatism in 1977. We name our Heroes and Asshats... fun for everyone!!!!

Happy Fourth!


The Bill's note the passing of Mayberry. We chat about new articles of note from the blogosphere, and check the current polls. We also name our Asshats and Heros. Have a hotdog and watch the fireworks!