What’s The End Game?


Cruz and the craven GOP calls off the blackmail...for now. The Bill's talk about the costs of Ted Cruz's fundraising stunts. We talk about the endgame to the financial negotiations in Washington, and how they could be designed to cut social security. We discover the top 7 scummy GOP stunts during the shutdown, and crown a classic bit of scary crazy provided by the Goddess of Stupid. Listen in on the progressive talk!


American Psychos


The Psychos are loose in Washington and the Bill's are there to survey the damage. We listen to GOP congressmen as they try to justify putting 800,000 federal employees out of work. We look into the twisted head space of FOX Business's Stuart Varney. We discuss an article in the NY Times brought to our attention by The Young Turks, that reveal the Gold Plated Conspiracy of Right Wing Interests that are attempting a coup in the United States. The Bill's also award a record two tin foil hats, as we check out the looniest of Loonytown. Listen in on the Progressive chat...(pull up a barstool).


The Shutdown Show.


The government of the United States gets held hostage by corporate Tea Party shill Ted Cruz. The Bills chat about the GOP political hostage takers in the House. We discuss the new UN report on climate change that reads like the bad parts of the Old Testament. We also zero in on our uniquely nutty tinfoil hats. Listen in on the progressive chat.