Obamacare, Iran and Senate Nukes!


The Bills are back for the last show before a three week Christmas Break. We discuss the comparison of Obamacare to Katerina and talk about Harry Ried and the nuke drop in the Senate. We also congratulate the Obama administration on avoiding another mid east conflict, this time with Iran. We look at the TPP talks happening now in Washington, and how Liz Warren is fighting the good fight. We also pay tribute to JFK and crown a true tin foil hat. It's the last Bill Show till December kids...so jump in, the water's fine!


Got Christie Love?


The Bill Show is joined by author/actor Randall Berger as we decipher the strange spin that is turning Teacher hating, gay rights bashing, one percent loving Chris Christie into a Springsteen loving everyman. We discuss the ongoing protests at Wallmart and Mitt Romney's frat boy bully tactics on the campaign trail as described in "Double Down" the new tell all political best-seller from the authors of "Game Change". We also chat about Prez G.W. Bush and his involvement with the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute. Finally we acknowledge a super "tin foil hat" given to a resident of the Great White North. Listen in to the progressive talk!


If You Knew Merkel Like I Know Merkel…


The Bill's are Back! Yes, after a short break to enjoy the World Series (Go Sox), we're back to survey the political nonsense. We discuss the discovery that the NSA and the Obama Administration have been listening to the private calls of our allies for years (surprise). We talk about the fate of food stamps for veterans and their families and the hypocrites in the GOP who don't care if they go hungry. We take a look at the on going investigations on the net into the death of Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings. We wind up with TWO (count 'em) TWO tin foil hats! Welcome back, Billsters!