Bill Show #86: ALEC, Climate Change and Hating Seymour Hoffman


Brother Randal Burger is on hand for this episode of "The Bill Show". We tackle the mysterious and wacky climate in the USA (and still deny Climate Change exists). We talk about "Hating The Gay in Kansas" and analyze their "Gay Away" legislation. We pay tribute to the good works of the Employment Policy Institute and their war against the minimum wage. We talk about the clinical evidence from the UK that says money can make you an asshole. We also wonder why Rupurt Murdoch hates the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. We crown some prime asshats, too! Listen in to this week's episode!!!


The Lonely Bill Show


One Bill instead of two this week. Keep him company as he recaps us on election news and explores the new Right wing attacks on Obama (flashes from the past). He also chats about the GOP legislative time bomb set for November. Join "The Bill Show" for the latest in Political opinion from the left!

Monday Night Politics II


The Bill's continue their discussions with actor and writer Randall Berger (Star of "Shine" and HBO's "Angry Boys"). We chat about gun culture in America and the recent events in the Trayvon Martin case.

Special Episode: Gunned Down In America.


In this special episode we discuss the tragedy of  the Trayvon Martin case.