The Devil And Rick Santorum: Michigan Vacation.


The Bill's discuss Rick's fear of Satan and the Michigan Primary. We also award our Ass Hat of the week award. (Clue: Its not Steep.)



Its an incredible land where everyone wears cut off sweaters and no one has sex. The Bill's discuss Santorum becoming the GOP frontrunner and award our Ass Hat Of The Week award. (So many choices...)

The Sex Show


Everything you ever wanted to about GOP sex (but was afraid to ask...). The Bill's discuss why the GOP hates contraception.

Banking On Obama?


The Bill's discuss the new settlement with major banks that immunizes them from legal liability in court for their admitted wrong doing during the real estate crash. It only cost them 25 Billion. Not bad...

Santorum Back From The Dead?


The Bill's discuss the re-animation of Rick Santorum and "is the GOP a cult?"

Holiday in Florida


The Bill's discuss the Fla. Primary. Will Newt continue his freak show? What will it cost the GOP for him to leave the room? The Bill's discuss.