War On Motherhood Show.


The Bill's try to understand why the GOP thinks Obama hates Motherhood. We listen to Robert Reich explain how the Romney made his bucks and reveal who is giving BIG bucks to Karl Rove and the GOP to get rid of Obama. We also talk about why NBC doesn't want to reveal who is paying for political ad buys on their network and we pay tribute to the one and only...BRUUUUCE!!!

Jobs Bill Show


We say "that's all she wrote" to Little Ricky. We discuss how the Job's Bill once again gives huge tax breaks and deregulation to Wall Street. We also talk about the new Un-American witch hunts going on in America. Bring your copy of "The Crucible" and join the red-baiting good times!

Leave It To Romney


The Bill's discuss the riotous enthusiasm gripping the GOP over the primary victories of Mitt "McRich" Romney. We also discuss how the new Jobs Bill may bring about new fraud on Wall Street and why Keith Olbermann is both a "hero" and an "asshat".

Monday Night Politics II


The Bill's continue their discussions with actor and writer Randall Berger (Star of "Shine" and HBO's "Angry Boys"). We chat about gun culture in America and the recent events in the Trayvon Martin case.

Monday Night Politics!


The Bill's welcome their guest, from HBO's "Angry Boys", actor and writer Randall Berger. It's a kick-off for political banter, comedy and comment!

On Wisconsin!


The Bill's discuss the wonderful gaffe machine that IS the Romney Campaign. We also discuss...should we actively support the Obama Bandwagon? (Even though we know he may break our hearts.)