Bill’s Back


The second Bill is back and we go over this week on the campaign trail. We discuss the new species of right wing Barbie like pundits produced by the right wing. We listen to an amazing speech delivered by Joe Biden and honor our asshats and heros for the week. Enjoy.

The Lonely Bill Show


One Bill instead of two this week. Keep him company as he recaps us on election news and explores the new Right wing attacks on Obama (flashes from the past). He also chats about the GOP legislative time bomb set for November. Join "The Bill Show" for the latest in Political opinion from the left!

Mitt’s Wonder Years and Obama Stands Up For Justice.


The Bill's look back at Mitt Romney's "Wonder Years" and discover a feckless thug. Obama puts on his cape and starts to stand up for justice. We chat about gun control and how JP Morgan has just lost 2 billion dollars (and you'll be paying for it...). We also deal with Heros and Asshats.