The Ryan Experiment


The Bill's chat about the selection of Paul Ryan for the GOP ticket and the implications both politically and for essential services if the "Ryan Budget" is adopted. We discuss the gutless Congress who have given up on American farmers. We also announce our heros and asshats.

CEO Show


While the Bill's prepare for their all Paul Ryan "Lets Kill Medicare" VP Show, have a listen to a show taped last week investigating the current inquiries  into banking overseas and in the good old US of A.  We also name our Asshats and Heros. Tag along!

Romney’s European Vacation II


Mitt Romney is the political comedy gift that keeps on giving. We pay tribute to his natural born ability to offend...everyone. We talk about the reversal of a climate change skeptic who now has decided that the world actually may be in trouble. Business leaders try to sell us on the idea of off shoring  jobs and how it might be good for us. We salute the great Gore Vidal and announce Ass Hats and Heros.