Why Mitt Romney Hates You.


The Bill's discuss the Romney campaign's strategy of insulting half the US voting public during an election. We talk polls and the true myth of "the moocher class". We also announce our hero and our asshat of the week...any guess who that might be?

October Surprise.


The Bills mull over the recent events in Libya and the current tension in the middle east and how it might effect the coming Presidential election. We discuss the immense capacity of Romney to put his foot in it and connections between the American Right and the current pressure for the US to go into Iran.

Epic DNC Wrap Up: Part Deux


Yes we're clearing away the balloons and the flat screens and going over the great moments of the DNC. We have Bubba, Obama, Liz Warren and reaction to the progressive concerns with the democratic party platform. We announce Asshats and Heros. This is a big one...climb aboard the campaign plane and join the fun!

DNC Show 1


The Bill's listen to the great Michelle Obama as she wows Vegas with her floor show. We talk about the upcoming gigs by Clinton, Biden and Obama. We also find some heros and asshats.

RNC Show


The Bill's have watched the RNC bash and sift through the wreckage. We discuss the chances of  Clint Eastwood's chair running for office. We discuss whether the press is finally going to fact check the GOP. We salute a great comic and nominate our asshat. Come to Tampa and enjoy the fun.