Mitt Romney: Lady’s Man?


One Bill this week, with special guest Randall Berger. We discuss the incredible nut job that is Donald Trump. We stare with mystery at the thought of Mitt closing the gap with women in swing states. We also enjoy the velvet voice of Meat Loaf...the latest B grade celebrity on the Romney gravy train. 12 days to go....climb in and enjoy the ride!

Great Debate III: The Final Chapter


Was the debate a great sequel or did it suck?  (Like that third Godfather film?) The Bills get our Romney on and move forward with our final debate show. We also watch Mitt try to convince America that his entire policy on Afghanistan was, if fact, just a hallucination. We also pay tribute to George McGovern and reveal our first lady asshat. Buy a ticket...come on in...(it's free!)

Obama’s Back!


We discuss Obama's return to the land of the living and the moment in the debate when Romney forgot that he was talking to the President of the United States. We discuss GOP contacts with voter fraud (think Karl Rove).  We find a truly wonderful asshat of the week. We're coming down to the end....VOTE!!!!

The Great VP Debate Post Game Show


The Bills chat about the Biden/ Ryan debate and how the GOP refuses to admit when it loses. We talk about the multiple myths plugged by Paul Ryan (instead of the truth) during his showdown with Biden We also look forward to the big rematch on Tuesday.

The Joe Show


The Bill's discuss Joe Biden on the eve of the great VP debate. We mull over the polls and discuss the dreaded suburbs of Ohio and their influence on the next leader of the free world. We uncover some world class asshats and marvel at the mind blowing loudness of MSNBC's  Chris Matthews when he loses it.

Obama Brings “A Knife To A Gunfight”: Debate Postgame


The Bill's discuss Obama's pathetic performance in Debate Number One and how he is allowing Romney to drag himself off the canvas. The latest analysis from the Bill's on the Obama rollover in Denver.

The Bill’s Rebooted


The Bill's discuss the rebooting of Romney. We discuss the progressive problems with the Administration (and try to convince Bill to vote with Obama!).  We also announce our asshats and heroes.