GOP Therapy


The Bill's are back. We quietly watch as the GOP stomps in a corner after losing. We discuss the coming fiscal cliff and talk about why company CEOs want to cut medicare and medicaid before cutting their own profits. We talk about the current drone war overseas and Obama's secret war. We also hail the heros who are striking WALMART and name our asshat! Welcome back...come on in!

The Bill Show Returns!!!


Yes, we're back next week with the rambling commentary on the US political scene. Join us next week when we review the fallout of the GOP collapse. We also return with our weekly heros and asshats. See you next week, Billsters!!!

The Election Day Extravaganza!!


The Bills put microphones in front of their flatscreens and watch the vote come in from overseas. Signed, sealed delivered we're yours! Come on in and sit down...we'll give you the chair next to the telly!

Hard Rain


The week before one of the closest Presidential elections in the last decade, climate change becomes an issue as hurricane Sandy sinks the east coast. We talk about how Mitt and the GOP are now caught denying the obvious. We discuss the effect Sandy will have on election day. We chat about the election events of the week and name our heroes (an unlikely one this week) and our asshat (an old favorite). Coming down to the wire...listen in!