State of the Union


In this episode we decipher Obama's State Of The Union and decide which Obama is speaking. We analyze why John McCain is so grumpy. We give the Tea Party response our official BS detector and don't get past 30 seconds. We also ask why a school in Indiana is in the quest for a Gay Free prom. It's the political geek's best friend..."The Bill Show"! Tune in Billsters!

Obama Unchained


Since the inauguration, the President takes on gun control, immigration and gay rights. The right has called him  "liberal" and progressives are hopeful. Hold on tight! Its going to be bumpy ride. We discuss whether "Zero Dark Thirty" is a great film, a promotional film for torture....or both. We also stare in wonder at Glen Beck's newest real estate scam, and in the process salute our hero...Jon Stewart. Come on in, Billsters...the water's fine!