This Month’s Obligatory Mass Shooting (Brought to you by the NRA.)


On the show this week, we survey the damage after the obligatory "Mass Shooting of the Month". We say goodbye to Larry Sommers and discuss whether the Democratic party may be moving to Left. a week filled to the brim with morons...we give our "Tin Foil Hat". 


Lets Make a Deal!!!


The Bill's are on hand as the major powers decide to stall on the US's next obligatory war in the Mid-East. We also look at the generous State of Nevada that is providing the mentally ill free bus travel. And speaking of crazy...we hear from Alex Jones! We also find out why Trekkies are reading your e-mail at the NSA. Hope on board, baby!


Everything Old Is New Again.


The Bill's sort out the truth from the bullshit as the drumbeat starts in the US to bomb Syria. We analyze the findings from a UCLA Berkley study that confirms what many have suspected. Finally, we nominate a HERO for the week. Pull up a chair and listen to the Progressive chat.