Bill Show #89: Hobby Lobby, The War on Women and GOP Hipsters.


Bill is joined by Brother Randal as we chat about the newest right wing assault on women's rights. We catch up with the ever entertaining Don Rumsfeld and ask why Virginia Christians want to expell a little girl from school because she's not "girlie" enough. We also venture into the damaged soul of Fox's Greg Gutfeld as he bemoans why he's not on e of those "cool kids". We also reveal some classic "tin foil hats". It's a rollicking new Bill Show that's definitely NOT meant for work!


Bill Show #88: Missing Airplanes, Loony CPAC and CIA Secrets.


Brother Randal is on hand this week as we look at the hunt for the missing Malaysian Airliner...and Sean Hannity tells us why Obama is to blame for it all. Dianne Feinstien takes aim at the CIA. We look at Michigan's new Rape Insurance Law and how gun owners in Conneticut still won't register their assault weapons. The GOP cons thousands in a sweet little bunko scheme and we unearth a legendary fruitcake in our "tin foil hat" awards. Listen in to the progressive talk!!


Bill Show #87: Ukraine, McCain, War and Arizona


The Bills are back. We talk about the troubles in the Ukraine and how the GOP is wondering why Obama can't be Reagan. We ask the question, should we be held responsible for the leaders we select? We talk about the unique form of crazy that is Arizona. We also give away some well earned tin foil hats!