Bill Show #96: Bergdahl, Abortion Clinics and the Nutty World of Judge Jeanine.


In this episode we wonder aloud why the Bergdahl family should'nt sue the slimy FOX NEWS juggernaut for slander, as the military fully clears Beau Bergdahl of all supposed wrong doing while being tortured by Islamic fanatics for 5 years. We discuss why the people of Detroit are going without water and the Christian Sharia law sweeping America. We listen to Russell Brand and FOX NEWS bubble head Judge Jeanine Pirro as the Judge goes nuts over Iraq. Finally we stumble through the FOX NEWS whorehouse and find some super tin-foil hats. Come on board another tour of "Crazytown"!!! 


Bill Show #95: A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Out Of Iraq….


The worst thing that could ever happen in Iraq...has happened in Iraq. The Bill's listen in as John McCain tells us that we should make it "third time lucky" in Iraq. We look at the Tea Party guy who beat poor old Eric Cantor. We discuss why the thugs at FOX are beating up on a POW's family. We look at EVEN MORE mass shootings and discuss why CNN buckled to the NRA. We check the Bill Show mailbag and play some of the best political clips from the last two weeks in Crazytown. Jump in...the water's fine!