Bill Show #127: What’s With Hillary?



Look...we know that the Iowa Caucuses are over 170 days away...but what's with Hillary? Bill and Randy walk through the problems with the Clinton campaign as her numbers fall through the floor and Uncle Joe Biden starts getting all "pally" with Liz Warren. What me worry? We discuss the amazing Chris Matthews as he and Gretchen Carson take up residence at the "Low IQ" end of the table. We admit to liking socialism and try to define it for people who are...well...idiots. Randy's Rant takes on "The Wonderful World of Sanctimonious Horse Shit" hosted by Josh Dugger and Mike Huckabee. We review the hilarious new political ads from the campaign and bring forth the Tin Foil Hats. Time to board the campaign bus to glory! Hop aboard!

Bill Show #126: Welcome to the Freak Show!!!!!!



Yes Bill and Uncle Randy guide everyone through the Freak Show that took place in Cleveland. See Trump offend women! See Christie hate on Rand Paul! See Rand Paul hate on Chris Christie! See Jeb Bush try to get a cab! We talk about how Trump is blackmailing the GOP. We look at the dead heat in New Hampshire between Bernie Sanders and Hillary. We say goodbye to the legendary Jon Stewart. We analyse the shuck and jive, put up job organised by right wing operatives to de-fund Planned Parenthood. We listen to the great Liz Warren and Barbara Boxer. We wind up with an amazing Tin Foil Hat. Keep your hands and feet inside the carriage and don't feed the animals...welcome to the FREAK SHOW!



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