New Weekly Bill Show #176: Pay No Attention To The Russian Behind The Curtain.



As Donald decides which war he wants to distract us with (there are so many to choose from), the Guardian reports that the official investigation into relations between Donald Trump and Russia now has "specific, concrete and corroborative evidence of collusion". Yes folks...that's treason. We discuss the recent report that seems to be buried under the media's orgasmic excitement at the possibility of a nuclear war. We survey the weird obsession our President has with chocolate cake. We have a look at some recent clips and unveil our tin foil hat. Pay no attention to the Russians behind the curtain...and follow the "yellow brick road" to another week of crazy.

New Weekly Bill Show #175: Vlad and Donny Wag The Dog.



We've been waiting for the big distraction. Putin and Assad have provided a war crime and an opportunity for Donny to look more Presidential, but close analysis of the missle attack on Syria shows the sign that it may be military theatre of the most blood thirsty kind. We discuss the most recent light show. We also discuss the right wing demand that gays give up the rainbow symbol. We listen to the most recent clips from the States and salute and remember a Great American hockey puck. It's time to wag the dog...

New Weekly Bill Show #174: Pop Go The Weasels.



Welcome to Irony. While Trump Campaign Advisor Carter Paige admits to leaking documents to a Russian Spy Ring in 2013, Micheal Flynn...the guy who yelled "lock her up" to Hillary Clinton...wants immunity from prosecution. Karma's a bitch...aint it? We also look at the budget cuts of the coming budget and how Trump wants Yogi Bear dead. We look at the incredible crazy of the eternal Trump supporter. Finally we listen to the amazing talent of Randy Rainbow amongst our clips of the week and pop a few tin foil hats. 


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