Bill Show #94: White suburban Narcissist Shoots A Lot of People In America.


The Bill Show shuffles through the rubble of another senseless shooting in the states. We take a look at the newest interview with Edward Snowden. We countdown the top 5 stupid laws passed in the US in the last three weeks. We talk about John Oliver's brilliant piece on the callousness of General Motors. We also name some amazing tin foil hats. Sign the Not One More Gun Death Petition at


Bill Show #93: California Burns Up, Fascism in the USA and Asshats Galore!


While California goes up in flames, Marco Rubio tells us how global warming doesn't exist. We observe the irony. We mention the fact that America may now be a facist state. We discuss how SCOTUS's refusal to hear NDAA case may mean the end to anyone "reading you your rights". We ask why the only person doing any time from Wall Street is a young girl named Cecily Mcmillan who is being rairoaded into doing hard time. We cough up some world class tin foil hats. Join in the Progressive Chat!

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