Bill Show #134: Why Is Trump Isis’s Best Friend?


Bill and Randy investigate the questions in the media after the terrible terror attacks in Paris. We answer the vexing question, "Why do they hate us?" We also stop laughing as Trump shows us the ugly face of the American Right. We discuss why Trump is following a policy that would make him Isis's best friend. We look at Ted Cruz and ask...where's HIS birth certificate? Finally we have a short moment to discuss the many questions we receive as a Progressive Podcast overseas. It's getting ugly on the campaign trail... 

Bill Show #133: No Minimum Wage Increase For You!



Bill and Randy discuss another debate in crazy town. We ask the eternal question, will the economy collapse if your waiter gets 15 dollars an hour? The GOP says yes. We take a look at the facts. In Randy's Rant, we take a look at the Loony Right's beef with Starbuck's Christmas Cups. We include some wonderful comedy clips. Finally we discuss the craven irresponsibility of GOP candidates who endorse a man who cites the Bible when inferring that all gay people should be put to death. Its our new one hour format WEEKLY Bill Show. Climb aboard!

Bill Show #132: Bring it, Bitches…


Yes, Hillary destroys the GOP in the Bengazi hearings, sending her poll numbers soaring. She also starts playing fast and lose with her attacks on Bernie Sanders after the Democratic debate. We ask the absurd Sanders a misogynist? We also look at the the gradual destruction of Jeb Bush during the second GOP debate. We discuss the amazing work of crazy performance art that IS...Ben Carson. (Hell0, Doctor Nick!). And finally we discuss Halloween with our favourite senile old Uncle. It's show #132....Climb on board!

Bill Show #131: Adult Swim.


The Democrats had an intelligent discussion of relevant issues facing the country in the next four know...a debate. Bill and Randy discuss a Democrat debate that made you proud not to a Republican. We investigate the post debate beltway response that seemed divorced from EVERY SINGLE post debate poll. We discuss the Hillary a "progressive"? We also go over the record and analyse the claims made by the candidates. Randy's rant investigates the origins of the second amendment and how the right of your crazy Uncle to own an UZI is a fairly recent development. (Thanks Supreme Court...great work...) We share a giggle with all the recent political comedy clips. Finally we end with two certified heroes! It's a Honeymoon in Vegas for Democrats...climb aboard everyone!!!!

Bill Show #130: Stuff Happens



Bill and Randy inspect the GOP reaction to the most recent mass murder in Oregon. We discuss the experience in Australia and Obama's passionate speech from the White House. We discuss the possibility of Hillary using the gun issue to appeal to progressives, after her solid policy statements in the past week. We salute the spin doctor of death, Mike Huckabee and his rehearsed FOX talking points after every act of carnage. We look back on the amazing visit of the Pope to Washington and the right wing attacks on the pontiff. We haul out two incredible tin foil hats. Also, as a Bill Show special, we "Meet the Outback" as we travel through Australia and get the Aussie take on the American election. We talk with Nick Seidenman, the actor and activist who has been in the middle of a showdown between a small Australian town and McDonald's Corporation. 


Bill Show #129: Trumpnado 2!


Its back to the freak show. Trump mutters some gunk about why vaccines cause autism and Carly lies herself silly about Planned Parenthood. Yes, its a three hour leak of toxic waste that made you want to steal Ronald Reagan's airplane and fly to Cuba. Rick Perry ponders whether to return his PAC money as he skunks back to Texas with a cool 13 million. Clinton yucks it up while Uncle Bernie goes to the home of Jerry Faldwell and delivers the best speech of the Primaries (so far). Texan school administrators get crazy over an alarm clock from Radio Shack. We finally round up our tin foil hats. Hop aboard for the "The Bill Show"...Trumpnado Edition.

Bill Show #128: “This Is 2008 All Over Again”



Its panic in the Hillary campaign as Bernie tops Hillary in New Hampshire and draws within the margin of error in Iowa. A Clinton pollster is quoted as saying,"It's 2008 all over again". We discuss the new poll results in the last two weeks and talk about what is becoming the craziest Democratic Primary since...well...2008. We discuss where mainstream candidate are getting their money, thanks to a new report from the FEC. We take a look at the new the GOP conservative dummy spit about Kim Davis, the crazy Kathy Bates look a like from the heartland. We reflect on Trumps plans to Nuke the Middle East in his first 100 days. We help Scott (Koch boy) Walker build a wall around Canada. We also check in with clips and comedy from the last two weeks in politics.  Finally we turn down the comedy and discuss the terrible refugee problem facing the world, and the politicians who condone brutality.

Bill Show #127: What’s With Hillary?



Look...we know that the Iowa Caucuses are over 170 days away...but what's with Hillary? Bill and Randy walk through the problems with the Clinton campaign as her numbers fall through the floor and Uncle Joe Biden starts getting all "pally" with Liz Warren. What me worry? We discuss the amazing Chris Matthews as he and Gretchen Carson take up residence at the "Low IQ" end of the table. We admit to liking socialism and try to define it for people who are...well...idiots. Randy's Rant takes on "The Wonderful World of Sanctimonious Horse Shit" hosted by Josh Dugger and Mike Huckabee. We review the hilarious new political ads from the campaign and bring forth the Tin Foil Hats. Time to board the campaign bus to glory! Hop aboard!

Bill Show #126: Welcome to the Freak Show!!!!!!



Yes Bill and Uncle Randy guide everyone through the Freak Show that took place in Cleveland. See Trump offend women! See Christie hate on Rand Paul! See Rand Paul hate on Chris Christie! See Jeb Bush try to get a cab! We talk about how Trump is blackmailing the GOP. We look at the dead heat in New Hampshire between Bernie Sanders and Hillary. We say goodbye to the legendary Jon Stewart. We analyse the shuck and jive, put up job organised by right wing operatives to de-fund Planned Parenthood. We listen to the great Liz Warren and Barbara Boxer. We wind up with an amazing Tin Foil Hat. Keep your hands and feet inside the carriage and don't feed the animals...welcome to the FREAK SHOW!


Bill Show #125: Show Me The Money.



OK...this is the REAL episode kids. Bill and Randy listen to the past two weeks of "word farts" from "The Donald". We also quote an investigation from Mother Jones revealing the Clinton State Department and their work to frack Eastern Europe with Halliburton and Exxon Mobile. Those fossil fuel industries are making big bucks for the Clinton Campaign. We also discuss revelations reported  in "The Intercept" about Private Prison Corporation Lobbyists who are working hard for Hillary in 2016. Yes, its time to play..."Show Me The Money!!!!  We talk about Ted Cruz's falling out with James T Kirk and whether your dog has the capacity to sense an asshole. We also look over the most recent numbers and hoist another two tin foil hats. It's show #125....climb aboard folks!

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