Bill Show #215: The Fix Is In…



Donny's shopping for a Supreme Court Judge. Enter Brett Kavanaugh, GOP hustler on the make in 90's (the guy who wrote the Kenneth Star report on Clinton), a GOP douch in the 2000's (counting hanging chads in Florida) and a guy that wrote that a President should never be prosecuted while in office. The fix is in. The Right To Choose...Gone. Gay Rights ...Under Threat. A Traitor allowed to stay in office. This is a f#cking Stephen King novel. We discuss. Randy spends some time with the "Smithers" of the Trump administration Mike Pence. We also crown a tin foil hat. 


Bill Show #214: F*ck Civility..



Justice Kennedy, the swing vote on the Supreme Court is leaving town (to retire to a gated community somewhere), giving America's Monster King the chance to eliminate legal rights for women, civil rights and gay rights. Meanwhile the thug in chief has decided that to start kidnapping immigrant children and throwing them into internment camps. We discuss child abuse and its role in American Policy. We review a new poll that shows a sizable percentage of Americans don't blame Trump...or favour the policy. In the same week, America withdraws from the UN Human Rights Council. Randy reviews the new Trump "Space Force". We discuss. We also dissect the latent inhumanity of the Right. 


Bill Show #213: The Dark Side.



Another two weeks. New information from the Cambridge Analytica Investigation shows that the base data used by the company indeed DID come from Russian Intelligence. Evidently the research from St. Petersberg University was a study on a study of toxic personality traits on Facebook. They said one goals of the project was to ascertain the mental wellbeing of the respondents and, as appropriate, offer free counseling. (Or manipulate and weaponise crazy know...The Dark Side). We discuss Paul Manafort's newest ties to Russia. Donny evidently is complaining that he cant watch porn in the White House. We discuss. Randy analyses the newest Trump distraction...Blame Canada. We talk with Dr. Nick Seidelman about the state of the union. Randy brings on a great Tin Foil Hat. 


Bill Show #212: Roseanne Tweets (…1400 people die in Puerto Rico).



We live in a strange time. A deranged stand up comedian does something on social media and the entire news media ignores the death of 1400 Americans. We discuss. Melania has been taken by aliens. We discuss. Pedophiles are running for Congress in the US. We discuss. Randy opens the lid on legal teen marriage in the USA as we check out a recent BBC report. We also include another tin foil hat. 


Bill Show #211: Killing The Wave.



Well, Trump is busy tossing lit matches into gasoline in North Korea and Iran. The case for removing a complete lunatic from control of nukes would seem to undeniable. However the DCCC is busy doing their best to piss off their base and are unable to decide what they actually stand for.We look at the new Reuters poll, showing the Democrats losing mellenials at an alarming rate before the midterm elections. We discuss the Australian reaction to Hillary's visit downunder. Randy talks about the why the vote will have to be high to beat the GOP in the house. We also bring you a world class tin foil hat. 



Bill Show #210: Moron Heaven



The Cheeto Benito got on Fox and babbled like a mental patient for a half an hour. Thank God he has nukes, right? We listen to the GOP snowflakes get all upset over Michelle Wolf's jokes at the Correspondent's Dinner. We look back at Morning Joe's attempt to deny any responsibility for Trump. They know that we have tapes, right? Paul Ryan dismisses the House Chaplain a Christian. Ben Carson raises the rent on the poor and disabled...just like Jesus would do. Randy gives his view of real comedy. We look back at Obama...the stand up comic. We also give up our tin foil hat for show 210. Come on board! 



Bill Show #209: End Game.



That was the week that was. Comey dumps a bomb on the White House. New York DA raids Trump's own Ray Donavan's office (Micheal Cohen) and produces a treasure trove of stuff and the Cheeto Benito goes off his nut. The "Access Hollywood" tapes again hit the press and Stormy Daniels sues Donny. Then Donny bombs another country. Wag the Dog anyone? Paul (Nazi Doby Gillis) Ryan decides to cash in his chips and leave the casino. GOP congressmen are meeting reporters in Safeways to bitch about President Cheesehead. Mueller destroys any possibility for a pardon for Paul Manafort. Things are getting biblical. Randy brings us the REAL history behind the second ammendment and we check out a lovely tin foil hat. There's gonna be Hell to Pay...climb aboard!!!


Bill Show #208: Trump Follows Vlad’s Orders In Syria…Meets Bunny.




We marvel at the bizarre White House Easter Egg Roll, where the most credible person was a bunny with glasses. We discuss Trump's "out of the blue" comment that US forces will soon leave Syria, leaving Russia a free hand to do what it wants (including wiping out the Kurdish forces we've been working with against ISIS). Me thinks we see that Trump has been talking to Uncle Vlad again. Mueller is after Roger Stone. Both Manaford and Gates are confirmed to have had contacts with folks with links to the Russian Government. Reuters reveals close to 100,000,000 dollars of Russian investment into only 7 Trump Properties in Florida. Mueller is also looking at meetings at the RNC National Covention between Jeff sessions and both Russia's ambassadors. Russians are everywhere. Randy brings the thunder with his rant about the mental state of of the Circus-Peanut-In-Chief. You know Cheeto Benito...Orange McClownface. There are the latest comedy clips from the last two weeks and a truly amazing tin foil hat. Come along and roll some eggs...


Bill Show #207: Russian Analytica and Comrade Trump.



We go down the merry road to conspiracy when we learn of Cambridge Analytica and thier ties with Putin and Russian interests. We discuss the lovely meeting that Trump operatives (Betsy DeVos's brother) had with comrades from Russia to avoid detection from US intel. We look at new Secretary of State Robert (Mad as a Cut Snake) Bolton and his wish list of countries to invade. We also notice that he has connections guessed it...friends of Vlad in Russia. Randy salutes the amazing kids who won't back down over guns. 


Classic Bill Show: The Manchurian President.- February 2017



With all the breaking news on Russia...we thought we'd throw out our show from Febuary last year. We hate to say we told you so...but we told you so....


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