Bill Show #209: End Game.



That was the week that was. Comey dumps a bomb on the White House. New York DA raids Trump's own Ray Donavan's office (Micheal Cohen) and produces a treasure trove of stuff and the Cheeto Benito goes off his nut. The "Access Hollywood" tapes again hit the press and Stormy Daniels sues Donny. Then Donny bombs another country. Wag the Dog anyone? Paul (Nazi Doby Gillis) Ryan decides to cash in his chips and leave the casino. GOP congressmen are meeting reporters in Safeways to bitch about President Cheesehead. Mueller destroys any possibility for a pardon for Paul Manafort. Things are getting biblical. Randy brings us the REAL history behind the second ammendment and we check out a lovely tin foil hat. There's gonna be Hell to Pay...climb aboard!!!


Bill Show #208: Trump Follows Vlad’s Orders In Syria…Meets Bunny.




We marvel at the bizarre White House Easter Egg Roll, where the most credible person was a bunny with glasses. We discuss Trump's "out of the blue" comment that US forces will soon leave Syria, leaving Russia a free hand to do what it wants (including wiping out the Kurdish forces we've been working with against ISIS). Me thinks we see that Trump has been talking to Uncle Vlad again. Mueller is after Roger Stone. Both Manaford and Gates are confirmed to have had contacts with folks with links to the Russian Government. Reuters reveals close to 100,000,000 dollars of Russian investment into only 7 Trump Properties in Florida. Mueller is also looking at meetings at the RNC National Covention between Jeff sessions and both Russia's ambassadors. Russians are everywhere. Randy brings the thunder with his rant about the mental state of of the Circus-Peanut-In-Chief. You know Cheeto Benito...Orange McClownface. There are the latest comedy clips from the last two weeks and a truly amazing tin foil hat. Come along and roll some eggs...


Bill Show #207: Russian Analytica and Comrade Trump.



We go down the merry road to conspiracy when we learn of Cambridge Analytica and thier ties with Putin and Russian interests. We discuss the lovely meeting that Trump operatives (Betsy DeVos's brother) had with comrades from Russia to avoid detection from US intel. We look at new Secretary of State Robert (Mad as a Cut Snake) Bolton and his wish list of countries to invade. We also notice that he has connections guessed it...friends of Vlad in Russia. Randy salutes the amazing kids who won't back down over guns. 


Classic Bill Show: The Manchurian President.- February 2017



With all the breaking news on Russia...we thought we'd throw out our show from Febuary last year. We hate to say we told you so...but we told you so....


Bill Show #206: Donny’s Korean Vacation.



In our most recent episode we look over the most recent distraction from the Trump reality show. The country's loudest executive "fucking moron" will be meeting with Pugsley in North Korea. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship. We watch Betsy DeVos's daffy brain explode on 60 minutes. We trace the recent activities of Trump's cabinet of aseembled hacks and morons. Randy keeps up the pressure on the NRA as kids walk out around the country. We wind up with a classic "Tin Foil Hat".


Bill Show #205: Kids To NRA- “We’re Coming For You!”



Kids are pissed off. Seems they're upset about being shot at. Young students march throughout the nation and the NRA gets an ear full on National Television. We watch some amazing students who have shown guts and are as mad as Hell...and they're not going away. We also discuss why Trump "had no empathy" in calls to the victims. Seems its not just awful...its also a symptom of his mental illness. We look at the charges against Rick Gates and what that spells for Paul Manafort. Randy gives us a history lesson about the NRA, and the media whores that shill for death. We end with some Tin Foil Hats. We call BS...


Special Bill Show: Sandy Hook…Again.



There are simply no words to describe the frustrated anger and profound saddness we feel for our home today. For five years we have done podcasts about mass shootings in America. This is a show we did after the school shooting in Sandy Hook. It was facinating to look at our optimism that things would finally change. Years we are again. Only the names have changed.



Bill Show #204: The Kramden White House



Enhancing their reputation as liars, bullies and thugs...the White House reluctatntly fires wife abusers. Why are you not surprised? The boss was accused of rape by his ex-wife. We discuss. We discuss the peculiar case of David Brooks from the New York Times. We also discover that Donny wants a parade. A shiny parade. With trucks. We'll discuss. We update you on the latest clips and serve up our tin foil hats.


Bill Show #203: There Will Be Blood.


There_Will_Be_Blood.jpgYes, its going to get hairy in the next few weeks. The Democrats back down on DACA and Trump and GOP construct the Nunes Memo to fire up the base before he fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and goes after Meuller...before The Don is personally edicted in the Russia Probe. We discuss with clips from the week. Randy discusses the loony Mike Pence (future President?) the former radio host and unsuccessful Governor of Indiana. We listen to Science Fiction Writer Harlan Ellison from 1994 and his take on God…and incredibly…Donald Trump. We listen to the Loony Right media machine, who will be inciting violence to defend Trump.


Bill Show #202: Trump Takes Hostages.



Trump and his party of scumbags take children hostage in a budget fight that closes down the Federal Government. We look back and discuss the payback that Trump gave Lindsey Graham at the cost of children's lives. We discuss what YOU can do from abroad with Thomas Lopez head of Democrats Abroad Victoria. We discuss the Women's March that saw hundreds of thousands people world wide stand against the Great Cheeto Molester. Randy brings us a walk through the year of Trump and brings back an old friend of the show. We finally remember Martin Luther King, and how the racism that killed him is alive and well in the Republican party.


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