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Bill Show #117: Rand Paul and Gay Hate in Indiana.


Bill and Uncle Randy are back and they're looking into the dark recesses of Rand Paul's loony's dark and dirty in there....and there are mice in the corners. Join us as we grab our flashlights and go all Fox Moulder on the past of Rand Paul. Randy's Rant leads us to the homophobic corn fields of Indiana and we check out a Christian Gay Hating Pizza Parlour and how catering gay weddings will cause the end of the world as we know it. We also check out a new set of Tin Foil Hats. Jump into the Bill Show bus for talk and clips from around the progressive universe!

Bill Show #116: Send In The Cruze.


Yes...the GOP clown car is filling up and Ted (first you get the money...then you get the power...) Cruz is lining up for 2016! Bill and Brother Randy enjoy themselves counting the lies in his campaign launch. We look at the wonderful Cruz family and Lonny Raphael Cruz the loveable crazy Dad who is the star of the most fascist sitcom ever to come out of Canada. We check in with Jim Jefferies and his wonderful rant on "Guns in America". We discuss the coming TPP agreement that seeks to void the entire American Justice system for the benefit of large multinational corporations (nothing to worry about...go back to sleep America). We also have some wicked Tin Foil Hats! Its the start of the 2016 campaign season, guys...jump on board the clown car!

Bill Show #115: Tom Cotton’s Letter, Ferguson’s E-mails, Hemp and Tin Foil Hats.

Bill and Brother Randy introduce our listeners to Tom Cotton, the author of the Congressional whining to Iran. We discuss the treasonous hijinks of the GOP's answer to Lucille Ball, Oliver North and Matlock. We share the wacky e-mails and comedy stylings of the Ferguson Police Department. We discuss the benefits of hemp and sanity in Randy's Rant. We serve up tinfoil hats and have some of the best political clips from the last three weeks. Hop on board the Bill Train, Billsters! 


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Bill Show #114: War Powers, Mother Jones, Billo the Clown and The Gay Plot to Kill Christianity.

In this episode we discuss the new War Powers legislation that could mean an endless war. All together....USA!....USA! We peek at Billo the Clown and his Brian Williams problem as a result of Mother Jones and David Corn. Randy sounds off at the perpetual "victims" who are convinced gays are plotting to take away their Christianity. We run down the the laziest Senators during the last sessions of Congress. (Guess what...they're Republicans). We play some very funny clips and name our tin foil hats (big bunch this week, guys!) Its a chock full Bill Show that's full of political comedy goodness. Climb aboard, Billsters!


Bill Show #113: Isis, Rand Paul, Reagan and the Secret Life of Brian Williams.

In this show we talk about how Isis has finally truly pissed off a large percentage of the Muslim world. We chat about Rand Paul and the anti-vax loopiness that's endangering Americans. We discover that being a friend of the Reagans when your dying of AIDS can be a disappointing experience...just ask actor Rock Hudson. Finally we delve into the Walter Mitty like phony war stories that might cost the "most trusted man in America" his job. PS...We also have two great tin foil hats. Jump on the Billster wagon, campers!

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Bill Show #112: SOTU (A Very Obama Christmas) or Joni Earnst in Joni The Castrator.

We take a look at Obama's State of the Union. We also listen to the corn pone country hog wash from Miss Piggy's worst enemy. We take note of an upcoming lawsuit against FOX from the entire City of Paris, France. We talk about a HERO teacher from Mississippi who teaches sex with sox. We also line up for some world class tin foil asshats. We'll have comedy and courtesy of New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady...balls. Get on the ball, Billsters!


Bill Show #111: Happy Sh%tty New Year!

We discuss the appalling massacre in Paris at the hands of sociopathic monsters. We listen to Bill Maher, as he once again says that liberals are responsible for not condemning the Islamic Church. Once this guy right or being bigoted? We discuss the grubby little secret about Chris Christie's trip to the Dallas Cowboys playoff game. We congratulate our President for a wonderful idea involving tuition free college. We go to Orlando Florida and look at a theme park for Gun Nuts. We also have out first tin foil hats for 2015. Join us for the new year, guys!


Bill Show #110: The Bill Show’s Terrorism and Torture Christmas Special (With Special Musical Guest Kim Jong Un)

It's Bill and Randy's last show of 2014! We discuss the home grown Australian terrorist siege in Sydney. We talk frankly about the CIA torture report. Seth Rogan and some stoners make Kim Jong Un lose his shit and start censoring what Americans can see at Christmas. We take a long look at Liz Warren's milestone speech in the Senate against Citigroup and corruption. We also take bets on whether liberals will persuade her to run against Hillary in 2016. We also have some GREAT Christmas tin foil hats! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Billsters! 


Bill Show #109: Ferguson, NYC and Cleveland

Bill and Brother Randy sort through the facts in the case of Eric Garner and the other assorted shootings of black males in the last week. We discuss the nationwide protests after grand juries refused to indict police for murdering black men on the streets of the USA. We visit with the craziest Christian Pastor Arizona has ever seen. We listen to Rachel Maddow and wonder if she has discovered evidence of "Satan Obama". We also crown a world class tin foil hat. Drop on by,'s stuffed with good old USDA crazy.