Bill Show #146: P.S…The Zombies Are In The Mall.



In this episode we discuss the strange way the Clinton Campaign is trying to unify the the Democratic Party. We take a look at the strange coupling of Karly and Cruze in the fictional Presidency that takes place in Ted Cruz's fever dreams. We take a close look at the "Presidential Trump" as he delivers a stump speech at a riot in California endorsing mass murder and war crimes (he laughs...people cheer). We are reminded that...indeed...the zombies are in the mall. We discuss the new Harriet Tubman $20, and hear some great clips. Finally...we give out the Tin Foil hats. We're gonna rock like its 1939...come on along. 


Bill Show #145: The Empire State Strikes Back.



In this episode we sift through the rubble of the rumble in the cement jungle. We discuss the idea that the next Presidential Candidate of the Party of Lincoln is Donald (ugh) Trump. I threw up in my mouth a bit. We discuss the pressure that Sanders supporters are now under to unify with Hillary. We venture into the world of social media (aka crazy town, USA). We discuss the separation of church and state and have a listen to some rather conflicting views. Finally we serve up some incredible tin foil hats. We're saying goodbye to Broadway...come on along!

Bill Show #144: The Art of the Smear.



It all gets ugly in the Empire State. The Daily News, owned by Clinton Foundation money man, Mort Zuckerman runs a smear job to welcome Sanders to NYC. We discuss the links of Zuckerman to the Clinton Foundation and survey the absurd allegation that Sanders should apologise to Sandy Hook parents even though he rates a D- from the NRA. We discuss the suddenly acceptable Crazy-Pants, looney bird that is Ted Cruz. We visit the cray-cray that IS TRUMP NATION. We listen to the best political comedy from the last two weeks and crown two new tin foil hats. It's time to climb into the New York gutter with The Pizza Rat. Come on along!

Bill Show #143: Here Comes Bernie!



Just when you thought it was comes Bernie! With crushing wins in Washington State, Alaska and Hawaii, the Sanders campaign must be wondering why it gets no respect...we discuss the mainstream media as they finally seem to recognise Bernie as someone who won't go away. We discuss the bird love on the Bernie campaign. We check in with the 2016 battle of the assholes in the GOP. We discuss Obama and his groundbreaking trip to Cuba and how the GOP are going batty about it. We listen to some funny clips from the world of political comedy and finally award two HUGE tin foil hats! Come on board...and remember...Bird is the Word!

Bill Show #142: Why Trump Is A Trojan Horse.



Bill and Randy sift through the recent Primary and our further decent in Dante's Inferno. We discuss the plight of the Bernie campaign which is getting the shaft from the media. We ask why Chris Matthews is OK with putting a pro-gun, anti-gay, pro-life union buster on the Democratic ticket. We recall a theory of Tom Hartmann from July last year and discuss how Trump may be a Trojan Horse for the Koch brothers. We review the restrictive voter ID legislation affecting turnout this year. Finally we get some common sense from overseas and crown a classic Tin Foil Hat. Saddle up your KOCH brothers trojan horse and climb aboard!

Bill Show #141: Super Tuesday Fallout.



We're back. We watch in awe as the Republican Party finally implodes.  Mitt Romney hurls himself in front of the bat-shit train that IS Trump. We look at the huckster past of the inevitable GOP nominee as New York looks like it will allow him to be sued for fraud. We toddle through the campus of Trump University. We look at the REAL problem Bernie is having in the Democrat primary. We also take a look back at the election process this CRAZY year. And finally...tin foil hats abound. The shit is hitting the fan...grab your raincoat.


Bill Show #140: What Happens in Vegas…Stays In Vegas.



Bill and Randy come to terms with Donald Trump and the fact that he's going to actually be nominated by the GOP. We say goodbye to Jeb! We discuss the troubling polls showing Trump running well against Clinton. We then silently contemplate the coming apocalypse. We salute the President for his service. (And the fact that, in a city of corrupt, evil morons, he has been the adult). We discuss the embarrassing mess that was revealed by "The Jimmy Door Show" which pointed to shonky voting in Sin City. We also serve up some crazy Tin Foil Hats. Feed the slot machines and mind the kids...we're going to Vegas!


Bill Show #139: It’s Getting Nasty.



Trump wins in New Hampshire and we say goodbye to a few GOP crazies. Bernie crushes Hillary with the biggest rout in a New Hampshire primary since 1964. Despite the landslide, Hillary walks away with the SAME amount of delegates. We explain the undemocratic procedure linked to Super Delegates. We look at the GOP's assault on a woman's right to choose and listen to Hillary on women's rights. We discuss the strange, weird and loopy idea that the Sander's campaign is sexist. We discuss the speeches Hillary won't reveal from Goldman Sachs and read an eyewitness's recollection that doesn't sound good for Clinton. We listen to some classic Hillary and Bernie moments from that past. We chuckle over some fantastic clips and crown two new Tin Foil hats. New Hampshire is in the rear view mirror....we're going to Vegas!!! Climb aboard!!!

Bill Show #138: Shit-storm in Iowa. Feeling the Bern in New Hampshire…



Bill and Randy sort out the coin tosses in Iowa as the establishment media goes batshit in response to the caucuses. We listen to classic comedy from the News Hour's David Brooks. We discuss Hillary getting all precious about being a progressive. We look at the record. We listen to a story told by Liz Warren about Hillary from 2004 when she had a chance to vote against Wall Street. 10 guesses how that one ended. We listen to Cenk Uger from the Young Turks as he responds to Howard Kurtz and the mainstream media. Brilliant. We ask why no one from birther movement is concerned about Ted Cruz's Canadian past...(could the difference be that Cruz isn't black?) We serve up Tin Foil hats and tons of comedy and political clips from the last two weeks on the campaign trail. Hop aboard the bus to Hartford!!

Bill Show #137: New York Values



Bill and Randy are back with their heathen "New York Values". In this episode we sift through the recent Democratic and GOP debates with a segment we call "Bravos and Bullshit". Tune in to see who takes home the gold...( could be the GOP). We discuss the disturbing habit of racists who feel they no longer have to censor their bullshit in public. We serve up some fantastic clips from this month's cavalcade of political comedy and finally crown a new set of tin foil hats. It's a show brimming with unclean "New York Values". Take the circle line to the Empire State and hop on board!!!!

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