Bill Show #199: Sweet Home Alabama.



After over twenty years, the Democratic Party has taken deep red Alabama. Judge Roy Moore still won't concede. Trump is taking the loss well. We break down the results and discuss what this means for the future. We take a look at Mrs. Roy Moore and her speech-a-fying. We go to brother Randy for a first class rant and we round off the show with some choice tin foil hats.


Bill Show #198: The Beginning Of The End?



General Mike Flynn is singing. The White House is saying that the President can't be charged with obstruction of justice. There's an ex-President he should look into. We discuss what Flynn knows and how he will be screwing over the boss. We discuss how Trump has managed to screw up our alliance with jolly old England. We discuss the final goodbye to the great Kieth Olbermann. Randy looks at the stubborn GOP embrace of a child molester. He provides an insight into young voters and presents us with another religious nut job. Finally we end with two tin foil hats. 


Classic Bill Show: Karma’s A Bitch…Aint It?


Mike_Flynn.jpgThe time may be right to listen to the Classic Bill Show from April this year when we chatted about Michael Flynn and his friends. Lock her up? I give you the crowned Prince of Irony. Enjoy...


Bill Show #197:It’s Time To Ask..Did Roger Stone Ratf#ck Al Franken?



The heat is on. The GOP is about to lose in Alabama. Their candidate is an alleged child molester who was banned in shopping malls for hitting on 14 year old girls. Roger Stone and the guys at Hannity know about shit they have on Franken. Mostly of him being an asshole when he was a standup comic. They decide to release it to the media in an attempt to distract from the man who reminds us of the old guy with the walking frame on Family Guy. It is done as a good old case of ratf#cking...Nixon style. The sexual equivililant to the Canuck letter. We discuss.  We discuss the Russian yacht docked in Florida during Thanksgiving. Randy investigates the people who still love Roy Moore and love Jesus. We wind it up with another tin foil hat.


Bill Show #196: “Me And POTUS Are Going To Prison…”



GQ and Kieth Olbermann reveal more about the guy who says he and The Donald are "gonna do time". We catch up with Felix Sater Trump's own connection to the Russian Mafia. Evidently he's been talking to Mueller. We also talk about Roy Moore and marvel at the irony that people are still amazed the GOP would support a sexual preditor. We take a trip down memory lane to Trumps own version of tralling through shopping malls looking for Girl Scouts. Randy gets in touch with Julie Briskin, the woman who gave Donald the bird. We cap it off with some comedy and our Tin Foil Hats. This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!


Bill Show #195: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town…



You may think it's Halloween...but it's actually Christmas. Jolly Old Robert Meuller has endicted the ever so guilty looking former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Maniford for a "Conspiracy Against The United States". We restrain our giggles as we describe the amazing ways Trump is screwed. Trump Jr. teaches kids about socialism by taking away thier candy. Randy tells us why the second amendment doesn't mean what the NRA thinks it means. We have a scary new tin foil hat. Pass out the endictments...HO...HO...HO!!!!!


Bill Show #194: The Putin/Trump Body Count.



We're back this week talking about the amazing body count of mysterious deaths both in Russia and in the US of high ranking  political and intel officials  since Trump was elected. We discuss a report from Rachel Maddow detailing the lonely and mysterious end to GOP politico Peter W. Smith. It's like an episode of "Murder She Wrote" without the cute music. We discuss the recent scathing piece by Matt Tiabbi from Rolling Stone. The DNC is also doing its best to split the Democratic Party. Yes, its "the night of long knives" for former Bernie Supporters. We take a look. Randy revisits recent edicts from the Department of Justice that pay back the evangelical right for their support. Good luck getting your boss to pay birth control, ladies! We close with an earth shaking Tin Foil Hat. Board the "meat wagon"...



Bill Show #193: “On The Path To World War III….”



We're back just in time for former Trump Supporter Bob Corker to tell us how close we are to Nuclear War. Thanks alot, Bob. You figured out the guy you supported was crazy. Good work. We also listen to the same rubbish from the NRA and the White House that we hear every time a nut job kills a large group of people. Randy talks Health Care and and we have a double barrelled tin foil hat. Welcome to the War Room....


Classic Bill Show: The Guy Who Is Going To Jail.



Sorry for the re-run folks. This is from March, and we review the ongoing investigation of Trump. We discuss the sad case of Paul Manafort, the man most likely to be charged in the ongoing Trump investigation. We'll be back after I return from the States. In the meantime, please enjoy this flsh from the past with Bill and Randy...


Bill Show #192: Hillary’s Magical Memory Tour.



Oh Brother. Just when the left seemed unified after a victory on health care, HRC drops a festering turd in the middle of the room. Now the knives are out for Sanders and the only one happy has to be the GOP. We discuss the facinating alternative facts of Hillary Clinton, and the reasons why she decided to ignite a turf war within the Left. We discuss the recent wild rumours of Trump being drugged within the White House (how can you tell?) and an interview with the growing KKK religious right. We also round up with a tin foil hat. Rock up for the mystery tour...


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