Bill Show #118: Hillary (Conan the Inevitable) Clinton, Carly Fiorina, Bill O’Reilly and The Killer Bees.



Bill and Brother Randy pay tribute to the national monument to inevitability, Hillary (Conan the Inevitable) Clinton. We discuss the jobs that Scott Walker would NOT be qualified for, before we consider him for President. We listen to Rand Paul's Hillary attack ad. It's good fun. We take The Bill O'Reilly Citizenship Test and find out we might be socialists. We look at the fate of bees...yeah, bees. Believe it or not...what we don't know about bees might kill us. We sort out the tin foil hat....and salute a REAL Texas Hero. Hop on board for The Bill Show. 

Bill Show #117: Rand Paul and Gay Hate in Indiana.



Bill and Uncle Randy are back and they're looking into the dark recesses of Rand Paul's loony's dark and dirty in there....and there are mice in the corners. Join us as we grab our flashlights and go all Fox Moulder on the past of Rand Paul. Randy's Rant leads us to the homophobic corn fields of Indiana and we check out a Christian Gay Hating Pizza Parlour and how catering gay weddings will cause the end of the world as we know it. We also check out a new set of Tin Foil Hats. Jump into the Bill Show bus for talk and clips from around the progressive universe!