Bill Show #94: White suburban Narcissist Shoots A Lot of People In America.


The Bill Show shuffles through the rubble of another senseless shooting in the states. We take a look at the newest interview with Edward Snowden. We countdown the top 5 stupid laws passed in the US in the last three weeks. We talk about John Oliver's brilliant piece on the callousness of General Motors. We also name some amazing tin foil hats. Sign the Not One More Gun Death Petition at


Bill Show #88: Missing Airplanes, Loony CPAC and CIA Secrets.


Brother Randal is on hand this week as we look at the hunt for the missing Malaysian Airliner...and Sean Hannity tells us why Obama is to blame for it all. Dianne Feinstien takes aim at the CIA. We look at Michigan's new Rape Insurance Law and how gun owners in Conneticut still won't register their assault weapons. The GOP cons thousands in a sweet little bunko scheme and we unearth a legendary fruitcake in our "tin foil hat" awards. Listen in to the progressive talk!!


Monday Night Politics II


The Bill's continue their discussions with actor and writer Randall Berger (Star of "Shine" and HBO's "Angry Boys"). We chat about gun culture in America and the recent events in the Trayvon Martin case.

Special Episode: Gunned Down In America.


In this special episode we discuss the tragedy of  the Trayvon Martin case.