The Freak Show


The Bill's check the polls and talk about the newest GOP Obama Conspiracy Theory..(he's after our guns). We talk about ALEC and how its being used in the long term playbook of lobbying State houses across the nation. We name our asshats and heros. See the Freak Show...roll up!

The Bill’s Pot Luck Night


We discuss who will date the Mittster at the "Prom". So far he's dateless. We also discuss how America's big banks are getting off on fraud and money laundering without having to admit any wrong doing. We also chat about the GOP's problem with "the ladies". Join the Bill's and special guest, actor and writer Randall Berger. Bring a plate!

War On Motherhood Show.


The Bill's try to understand why the GOP thinks Obama hates Motherhood. We listen to Robert Reich explain how the Romney made his bucks and reveal who is giving BIG bucks to Karl Rove and the GOP to get rid of Obama. We also talk about why NBC doesn't want to reveal who is paying for political ad buys on their network and we pay tribute to the one and only...BRUUUUCE!!!