Bill Show #163: Give Fascism A Chance.



Yes the normalization of a fascist as President is going swimmingly as New York Times talking head David Brooks hails Trump's appointments as having "good resumes" and we watch as the entire Democratic Party starts their inevitable gutless cave to Trump. Researchers allege large scale hacking of the 2016 election, but the Dems leave it to Jill Stein to protest the result. We look over the gallery of horrors set to compose Trump's advisors and cabinet. We look at the fued between Trump and a broadway show. We also give you an up to date list of the court dates facing our new President, even after settling a case for fraud in the state of New York. Then announce our new tine foil hats and listen to some clips from the last two weeks in politics.'s time to give fascism a chance. Come on...lets burn some books, kids...  


Bill Show #162: What Then, Must We Do?


 YugeHouse.jpg're not going to wake from this. It's real. But there is hope. Live from Democrats Abroad Melbourne we interview Dems in Australia as they view the election result.We also have a huge show devoted to the recent coup in the USA, where the Russian Government and elements inside the FBI conspired to have a alt-right fascist move into the White House. We discuss the political realities of the Democratic Party strategy that made the Clinton campaign vulnerable in the Rust Belt states that sealed her fate on election night. We discuss the electoral college and how it's given us George W. Bush and Donald Trump. We check in with our religious "nut bag" of the week (trust me they are happy as hypocrites about their pu**y grabbing new President). We wind up with out tin foil hats. We also discuss the answer to the question..."What then, must we do?"


Bill Show #161: The Stephen King Election.



We're all living in a Stephen King novel. We discuss the massive attempt to influence the US election. As of this writing, an ABC/Washington Post poll shows that Donald Trump has taken a lead over Hillary...all due to a travesty of manipulation by the FBI and House Republicans to drag America kicking and screaming into fascism. We discuss the new David Corn investigation in Mother Jones pointing to alleged further Trump links to Putin. We listen to an Australian take on the US election. We interview a real American, who has a few words to say about the election...Randy's Dad! We listen to our religious nut job of the week and crown our Tin Foil Hats. We include clips and all the crazy as we come down to the wire. Here's Johnny...........

Bill Show #160: Trump Go Boom.



The cheese has finally fallen from Donald's cracker as a conga line of sexual assault victims line up after he's caught on tape bragging about molesting women. He's now threatening revolution to his nutcase, well armed, stupefyingly stupid and potentially violent followers. The shit has hit the fan and The Donald has gone nuclear. We look at the astounding sewer of excrement that IS Donald Trump's wild ride. We include comedy, to stop us for crying. It's the most amazing and horrifying week in US politics in the history of modern US elections. Come on along and listen to the treason. 

Bill Show #159: Hillary Kicks Some Ass.



Life sometimes can give you joy. Like watching a nationally televised ass kicking of the school the class nerd. Yes, Hillary went to Hofstra University and opened up a can of whoop-ass. It was a pleasure to watch. We bring you highlights and talk about Trump's sad attempts to recover from his car accident during the national debate. We watch as the cheese falls off the Donald's cracker. We discuss his fascination with soft core porn and his approval of Sharia Law...(no we're not kidding). We marvel at the return of The Keith and the born again stupidity of evangelical Trump supporters. We have a wonderful hero and tin foil hats. It's been a better week...Trump got hit by a preverbal bus...come listen to the autopsy results. (It couldn't happen to a nicer guy...)

Bill Show #158: Kellyanne Conway, Queen of the Damned.



In this episode we are finally reassured by Donald Drumph that Obama might be American. We then experience the Queen of the Damned...Trump's campaign manager, the smart and evil Kellyanne Conway. We watch in amazement as she sells what's left of her mortal soul on a daily basis cleaning up after the shit machine that is Donald Trumps's mouth. We pay tribute to a real radio journalist hero, and friend of the show, Eric Williams. We listen to him from August 2013 where he talked passionately about the race problem in America. We rejoice at the return of Keith Olbermann in the GQ web series. Watch it! We listen to an MP3 that literally made us ill. That's right...Trump gets religion. We ask all US expats to save the world and VOTE!!!  . And finally we check out the winner of this week's "Jonesy Award". 

Bill Show #157: Confederacy of Dunces. (or How The Media Will Kill Us All)



In this episode we stand back in wonder at a media that is Hell bent on taking Donald Trump seriously. We marvel at the functional embarrassment that is Matt Lauer. We listen to some of the crazy shit Trump came up with (I have a plan to defeat Isis...but its a secret..ssshhhh!), and watch as the media ignores the fact that Trump is insane lunatic, but craps all over itself when Hillary develops a cough. We look at the health records of past Presidents. Randy talks about the result of legalised pot and relays some surprising findings. (Sales of Cheetos are up in Colorado). We play some great comedy clips and introduce our first State Side contestant in the Jonesy Awards for 2016. The apocalypse will be televised. Tune in... 

Bill Show #156: Where The Hell Is Hillary?


This week we observe Donald Trump's Mexican Vacation. We explore the split personality of the GOP's wacko Presidential Nominee. We salute the handlers who script The Don's answers when talking to black people (whaddyagottolose???). We say hello the Brietbart's Stephen Bannon...yes, he's available girls!! Then in the spirit of "Where's Wally?" we ask the nagging question..."Where the Hell is Hillary Clinton??" Randy takes on the question of standing for the national anthem. And finally...we name THE NUMBER ONE crazy tin foil hat in the history of the Bill Show. It's just amazing. We also announce the chance for you to win a contest that you and your family will enjoy! (Cheap Australian prizes available!). It's just getting nuttier, join us for the vacation to Nutville.

Bill Show #155: Trump Announces New Campaign Staff.


Pathetically desperate after trying to run a national campaign while seemingly smoking crack, the Trump people announced a new staff. On the staff is the head of Breitbart and Jabba the Ailes. We look at Trump's seductive appeal to every minority he has offended in the last six month (Whaddyagottalose?). We check out the new phony medical records fabricated...I'm the loony right. We talk about the ongoing fight of native Americans who want to stop the newest pipeline carrying oil to a stream or river near you. We check out some great tin foil hats and revel in the wisdom of Trump Trolls on the internet. It's the last train to Stupidville...climb aboard!!!!

Bill Show #154: The Trouble With Donald. (Extended Edition)


As Trump's poll numbers dip through the floor, we discuss the world's salute to attention deficit disorder...Donald Trump. He wistfully muses about putting out a contract on a political opponent while saying that Obama "founded Isis". We discuss his campaign director Paul Maniford, who the New York Times has linked to large payoffs from Putin's guy in the Ukraine. We then discuss a recent Huffington Post article talking about a rape allegation against Trump filed in New York from 1994. We look at the squirming GOP as they try to figure a way to distance themselves from the large toupe that continues to fart in the national elevator. We listen to a young Hillary Rodham from 1969 and realise that she's smarter at 19 than most of the GOP in 2016. Finally we crown some amazing tin foil hats. Oh the the implosion...

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