Make Em Laugh.


This is a special Bill Show where we are NOT talking about politics. Don't worry...we'll be back to it next week. In this show we talk with TV comedy writer and producer Steven Hall about the six comedy films you must see before you die. These are films that we promise will bring cheer to your soul and make you giggle. So fix a drink, sit down and have a laugh!

Sequester, Guns and Boobs


Today the Bill's discuss the coming sequester in the US and Lindsey Graham's rampant hypocrisy during the Senate Gun Violence Hearings. We review the GOP's chief excuse merchant and high class shill, David Brooks. We get all hot and bothered about the disgusting "antics" of Family Guy's Seth McFarlane as he shocks the world with a booby joke and we check out the "tin foil brigade" and gage the crazy. It's a wild Bill Show that's not meant for work. Jump in...the water's fine.


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