The Bill Show #295: The Return Of The Professional Left


We’re back, this time we go to Illinois and chat with the legendary Liberal Podcasters, Driftglass and Bluegal from The Professional Left Podcast! We talk Trump, David Brooks, and try and predict what will happen now that they found Nuclear Codes in Donald’s basement. They both play the “Hello Fascist The Home Game”. We also get prime recommendations for your viewing and reading! Pull up a chair and join us!!!!

The Bill Show #294: The Night They Raided Donny’s (or Don’t Look In The Basement)


Sickness and long distances does not stop your friends at The Bill Show. This week Randy is in Santa Barbara reporting from the USA. We look at the Trump raid and watch the noose slowly close on the Cheeto Mussolini . Randy reflects on the story of Vets from his home town fighting for health cover. We laugh, we cry...there's a puppet us. Pull up a chair.

Bill Show #293: Hello Fascist!


We're back. Its been a month of Congressional Hearings and a Supreme Court with an agenda to send America back to the 1700's. We're on board to discuss the events in the USA. Grab a beer...pull up a stool. We're here. It'll be fine. There...there....

Classic Bill Show.#292: A Moment To Collect Ourselves


Randy and I have been doing this show since 2012. For the second time in those years, I found it very difficult to find anything funny about the news. Children massacred, Ukraine butchery...and a group of old men criminalising women who wish to control their bodies. It was literally too much this month. I'm sorry, dear listeners, I need to take a needed rest from being depressed. That's why I'm posting a very entertaining show from 2018 I did with Stephen Hall, writer and performer for Australia's version of The Daily Show. It's fun...and I hope you'll enjoy it. We'll be back in your ear next month. Thank you so much for being there...we love you. 

Bill Show #291: On The Road…


From no fixed address and driving through the outback of's the Bill Show. In this show we check out the fact that Russian Oligrachs are dropping like flies in their mansions. Tucker Carlson thinks we're all turning into "girlie men" and there are new programmes for decerning tastes on the Bill Show Network. Pull up a chair as we chat about the shit show in the world. Fun for the entire family...

Bill Show #290: Who’s The Nazi?


We’re back…did we miss anything? While taking The Bill Show on tour in outback Australia…(I’m doing the show in the back of a mini-van…yes…I have become Woody Harrelson in a Roland Emmerich film..), we come back to the horror of Vladimir Putin and his Third Reich style World War Two Nostalgia Tour. We discuss how we can all give money directly to citizens of Ukraine. There is horror, anger…and the occasional show tune. We also play “Who’s The Nazi?” . Pull up a chair….

Bill Show #289: Trump Toilet Tales


We once again delve into the depths of Donald Trump’s Toilet. Bring a lunch. We have the News Roundup and all the events in the USA! USA! USA! (all rights reserved). 

Bill Show #288: Our 10th Anniversary Show (With Tom Hanks)


It’s our 10th Anniversary Show. Yes we’ve been on most every month since January 2012! We’ve also made Feedspot’s Top 60 Satire Podcasts of 2022 at number #7 (right behind The Bugle With HBO’s John Oliver).


We haven’t made a cent and have two laptops, Zoom and Garage Band. Oliver’s been paying way too much for his show, we reckon. Today we try to figure out why America hates Uncle Joe. We sift through the Washington political stuff and invite you to pull up a stool and enjoy our big party. 

Bill Show #287: Happy Omicron F@cking New Year.


The Omicron Variant continues across the US and the world. Joe Biden gives Trump coup plotters a stern talking to. Problem solved. We bask in the glow of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. We discuss the lack of voting rights and check out the American political fun park. Clips, comment…and jokes. Many jokes. Pull up a stool and don’t hog the bar snacks. Excuse the language. Really. 

Blll Show #286:A Very Dickins Christmas…(from Kelloggs!)


We check into the most well known conspiracy in Washington…traitors in Congress and inside the White House were attempting to overthrow the United States Government. Literally a fascist coup. Someone should get busy prosecuting. We discuss the bad news for the Sackler Family ( makers of the Heroin Training Kit, Oxycontin) and Lachan Murdoch at FOXNEWS. Bring popcorn. We look at the lovely corporate screw job that is the “Fruit Loop aristocracy”…Kelloggs. Unions are back. We discuss. Randy has all the Christmas gifts for the year. Pull up a bar stool one last time in 2021.

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