Bill Show #277: Grin And Bear It.


Its the Delta Variant in lock down. It's time to talk turkey on COVID. We then say goodbye to right wing anti vaxxers who are Then we look back at the Trump Justice Department and Supreme Court Justice Brett  "Frat Boy" Cavanaugh. We discuss. The Russians leak "proof" that they were silent partners in Trump's campaign. Randy brings the songs we review the most recent news from the states. Pull up a chair...your regular drink has been poured!!!

Bill Show #276: Trump Is A Fascist (and if you support him…so are you.)


In this episode we take a look at the revelations contained in multiple books about how close America actually came to a Rod Serling's Twilight Zone style ending. We check in with Texas Democrats and the diabolical slanting of coverage and comment by FOX that is inciting people to not get vaccinated and to think that Trump won the election. When will Murdoch be held responsible? There are also fart jokes. We’ve got comedy from Uncle Randy and stuff to think about. And fart jokes. Pull my finger…(phhhssttts) Excuse me…

Bill Show #275: God Bless America.


Happy fourth of July! In this episode we discuss the Trump CFO indictments We say goodbye to Great American War Criminal...Don Rumsfeld has left the building. We bring the clips and commentary...that go with hot dogs and beer. Pull up a seat...grab a cold one America...

Bill Show:#274: The Heartbreak of GOP Legislative Constipation (See your Doctor)

25Jun is the curse of the Liberal to have a memory. Watching the GOP's destruction of the Voting Rights Act and Biden's Infrastructure Program...we start to recall the good old days of Obama and what bipartisanship got him. We'll get whistful. We'll laugh. How young and stupid we were. Surely it couldn't happen again? We discuss. We visit where Never Trump Republicans go to die…MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Lovely to listen. We discuss…and throw a cat out the window. Randy insists on talk about critical race theory…we sort out the BS from the facts. Finally there’s comedy and maybe a puppet show. 


Bill Show #273: Trump Was Nixon On Meth….


What a week. Evidently, Trump got it in his noggon to tap the phones of Congressmen Impeaching him. Nixon on steroids. We discuss the slow motion reenactment of the sabotage the GOP used on Obama. What to do? We discuss. We have the clips and some fun. Randy talks MTG and introduces us to Critical Race Theory. There will be homework. Pull up a desk and have a drink...

Bill Show #272: And So It Goes…


Trump sits in Florida muttering about a comeback in August. We discuss. We look at the strange abuse of Mike Pence. We look at the demographic of the Jan. 6th riot, and find out stuff we didn't know. It's another week to check in with the "good Republicans" at the Morning Joe Show on MSNBC. Randy brings in the clips...pull up a chair...

Bill Show #271:The Adventures Of Konstantin Kilimnik (in lockdown)


In this episode we discuss a new Grand Jury appointed in New York to go after Trump. We chat merrily about how Russian Intelligence cooordinated their "meddling" in the 2016 election directly with the Trump Campaign. We look at the political news from America in the last four weeks. Hop on board for fun and adventure!!!!! Seriously, we talked about a million things...I'm in Melbourne Australia and I'm locked down in my house. The cat is starting to freak me out. Its following me. My dog immediately senses conflict. Please take that into consideration as we laugh at the political news in America and watch Netflix.

Bill Show #270: The Return of Lev and Igor


We're back in the saddle as another month goes by in Planet America! Federal Authorities storm Uncle Rudy's offices. Get the shredder working!!! We also see some former Soviet bagmen from our past...welcome back Lev and Igor!! Mitt Romney goes back to Utah to feel the love. We reflect on a week spent with Joe and Mika at MSNBC. Matt Gaetz continues to bring the stupid. Randy brings some of the best comedy clips from the month and gets talking about how Fox News has taken active control of the Republican Party. Pull up a chair...

Bill Show #269: The Wedding Singer


So this senile ex-President walks into a wedding. Yes Donny is now hounding the guests. This week, we talk about the unique 1964 approach the GOP has for winning elections in the South. Good thing the Conservative court overturned the 1965 Voting Rights Act, uh? As the GOP freaks out about their losses in the South, they go back to their original plan....restore Jim Crow in the South. Sydney Powell, Rudy G, Rupert Murdoch and Donald are getting a big heaping helping of Karma. Come and see kids!!!! I'll bring popcorn! Randy asks....should some forms of art be banned from the Public Forum because obvious racist and sexist stereotypes. We discuss. There's comedy and clips!

Bill Show #268: Cancun Or Bust


In this episode we congratulate what Trump called “the worst 100 days in American History”. Specifically bring back COVID supplies, passing a 1.7 trillion dollar recovery package to aid families, businesses and the working poor. In Trump’s first hundred days…he was in a twitter war with Arnold and debating the size of his…um…crowd. We also dive deep into the depths of Ted “Cacun” Cruise and the tone deaf entertainment at CPAC. We enjoy a big steaming heap of Karma for a Trump supporter. We discuss the Democrats who think you don’t deserve a living wage. Time for them to explain themselves? Finally Randy focuses on the rampant Republican free market energy policy that killed people in Texas. Its unbelievable….greed and right wing stupidity in Texas. What were the chances? We’ve got the most recent top political satire from the USA! 

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