Bill Show #283 Money Talks…Will Climate Change Walk?


Two senators did what this show predicted and have the blocked second part of the “Build Back Better Act”. Why? The American Chamber Of Commerce might know. A shocking new poll from the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia reveals that over half of Trump voters surveyed, and 41% of Biden voters, are in favor of blue and/or red states seceding from the union. Anyone for a beer and a sing along?  We talk to our Val from Glens Falls...our number one fan (sorry about the recording...but it's Val! )Randy brings the clips along with an amazing piece of writing verbalised perfectly for the anti-vaxxer in your life. We’re back…pull up a bar stool…

Bill Show # 282: A Talk With Driftglass and Bluegal!


(After grabbing our chief technician by the throat and sacking him, we now release the actual episode...sorry...) On this podcast I get to interview the folks that inspired us to create a podcast. After 9 years on air, I finally get to interview the great people behind The Professional Left Podcast, Driftglass and Bluegal. We talk about their loving relationship and their activism, living in the midwest, the evolution of American politics in the last ten years and how we can keep our sanity and work for the greater good. Check them out on all your favourite platforms and don’t forget to support them with a contribution at We had a great talk and we hope you enjoy it!

Bill Show #281: Remembering, Then Forgetting 9/11


We basically have just too much to talk about this episode. We reflect on 9/11. Marvel at the great and wonderful speech of George W. Bush…we were moved…then remembered stuff…damn that memory. Right wing radio hosts are dropping like flies, Joe Manchin is definitely possessed. The GOP lose in California and Australia is getting nuclear subs. Randy brings the clips and rants well. There will be drinking. Pull up a chair.

Bill Show #280: Texas Rangers (Uterus Division)…


(Due to a technical problem, the previous release of The Bill Show: #280 was is the full show!) Republicans spend their time condemning Biden for getting out of the bloody war they started 20 years ago. Texas and the Supreme Court shred Roe VS Wade. We personally take on Tucker Carlson as he slams Victoria Australia (where we are) for being a “police state”. I’ll try to remember that while I’m shopping at the farmer’s market. We show you an example of Murdoch’s international push to slander Joe Biden on FOX owned media overseas. Randy brings the memes and tweets. We also discuss how GOP death from COVID may effect the vote in key states during the midterms. 

SPECIAL EXTRA: Bill and Randy at the Movies (aka Melbourne Australia Dystopian COVID Lockdown Show)


We're in lockdown in the Dystopian Authoritarian Hell of Tucker Carlson's fever dream.  Anyway...since we're in lockdown we thought we'd give you a taste of "Bill and Randy at the Movies". Today we share some great films...YOU PROBABLY HAVEN'T SEEN...that are available if you find yourself bored with Netflix with a cat staring at you during COVID lockdown. We hope you enjoy it! Serpentine!!!!!

Bill Show #279: Cuomo Resigns, Afghanistan Falls…(and PS…The World Is Coming To An End)


Its a non-stop comedy laugh-fest on The Bill Show this week. Then possibly some some whiskey, sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Pull up a chair gang...I'm buying.

Bill Show #278: FOX vs COPS


The January 6th investigation start. FOX NEWS attacks Cops. We discuss. Republicans kick an Olympic Athlete when she's down...proving...they are simply monumental assholes. We survey the other hot political stories in the USA. Randy brings cocktails. Enjoy folks!!!!

Bill Show #277: Grin And Bear It.


Its the Delta Variant in lock down. It's time to talk turkey on COVID. We then say goodbye to right wing anti vaxxers who are Then we look back at the Trump Justice Department and Supreme Court Justice Brett  "Frat Boy" Cavanaugh. We discuss. The Russians leak "proof" that they were silent partners in Trump's campaign. Randy brings the songs we review the most recent news from the states. Pull up a chair...your regular drink has been poured!!!

Bill Show #276: Trump Is A Fascist (and if you support him…so are you.)


In this episode we take a look at the revelations contained in multiple books about how close America actually came to a Rod Serling's Twilight Zone style ending. We check in with Texas Democrats and the diabolical slanting of coverage and comment by FOX that is inciting people to not get vaccinated and to think that Trump won the election. When will Murdoch be held responsible? There are also fart jokes. We’ve got comedy from Uncle Randy and stuff to think about. And fart jokes. Pull my finger…(phhhssttts) Excuse me…

Bill Show #275: God Bless America.


Happy fourth of July! In this episode we discuss the Trump CFO indictments We say goodbye to Great American War Criminal...Don Rumsfeld has left the building. We bring the clips and commentary...that go with hot dogs and beer. Pull up a seat...grab a cold one America...

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