Bill Show #250: Will The DNC Screw Bernie…Again?



It's been a ride. Donald is trying to get Barr to keep Roger Stone quiet by lowering his sentence. We discuss. The Democrats run a screw job on Bernie in Iowa. However he still wins the popular vote, (yet mystically gets less delegates). He then goes to New Hampshire...and wins again. In comes Micheal Bloomberg, off the bench to stop Bernie. Biden is a dead man walking. We discuss. We head to the Nevada Caucuses and look back fondly on the Nevada Convention in 2016. We pray that Nevada will be than last time. Randy talks about a former leader of the Evangelistic Right who warns that if Trump is out voted, we could have a revolution on our hands. Finally we watch kitten videos on Youtube and drink a lot of vodka.

Bill Show #249: Donald Trump’s Secret Weapon


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_249.jpgImpeachment goes ahead and Adam Schiff delivers an amazing case for the obvious….Trump’s guilty. None of this seems to matter to Republicans. We discuss. Uncle Lev lands a video of Trump having dinner and discussing shafting the Ukrainian Ambassador. Yes…the guy he said he never knew. Then we look at the return of Hillary Clinton and the preparations to ratfuck Bernie Sanders now that he might have a chance of winning. We listen to The View and listen to the smear job. Randy has brought clips and a first class rant.

Bill Show #248: Victims of Distraction



While Australia burns, 176 men women and children in a civilian airliner pay the price for Trump's side show in Iran. We discuss. In a special comment, we look at unique grotesque chamber of horrors that constitutes the history of modern Republican Party. We discuss. CNN does a hit job on Bernie that was so obvious and laughable that no one is buying it. Expect more BS in the future kids. Impeachment begins. Finally Randy looks at dating in Trumpland. It's scary. Pull up a chair...

Bill Show #247: Donny Wags The Dog



Well its a New Year. While the world was recovering from a pleasing hangover after New Years Eve, Donny decided to start a war with Iran. Jesus. Are you f*cking kidding me?! When will this end? Donny's gunning for the "Devil's Distraction" by wagging the dog in the Middle East. We discuss. Evidently he also leaked the coming mid-east crisis to club goers at his Florida Resort. No...I'm not kidding. We discuss. We look at climate change as the forests and suburbs burn in Australia's bush fires. We urge you to give to the bushfire effort at our local Country Fire Authority here in Victoria, Australia . We look at a poll from last year showing 1/3 of American respondents were cool with nuclear war. We drink heavily and discuss. Randy has a rolling rant and we try to cheer up. The bar's open, Billsters...pull up a stool...

Bill Show Classic: December 2018



Yes!!! It's a re-run!!! Wonder what we were saying December 31st 2018??  Pull up a chair and experience the wonder and awe that is...Bill Show Classic Collection! Enjoy Billsters!! Here are the show notes from the show last year! We'll be back soon with a new episode for 2020! We've come a long way, Billsters.

That's our view. We sit back and laugh as the media wets itself over a fact that everyone has known for a year. Trump's a traitor. Now he's gone to the mattresses, hold up in the White House with a ton of fast food and no one but the voices in his head for company. To prove his virility he's shut down the United States of America, he's also trying to distract from the judgement from Hell coming his way. He's dangerous. We discuss. After a great win in the mid terms the Democrats are doing it again mounting a full scale media blitz against Cortez and Sanders. Divided party anyone? Will they succeed in making the same mistake again? We discuss. We also have clips and comedy from the last three weeks. Happy 2019, folks!



Bill Show Classic: December 2017



Yes!!! It's a re-run!!! Wonder what we were saying December 31st 2017??  Pull up a chair and experience the wonder and awe that is...Bill Show Classic Collection! Enjoy Billsters!! Here are the show notes from the show three years ago! We've come a long way, Billsters.:

ts our 200th show and the last one of 2017. We look at Great Leader who saved Christmas and who is about to cause a Constitutional Crisis in the New Year. There's great evidence that Trump is preparing to fire Mueller and fight any charges laid in the New Year. We survey the Christmas Tree and look at the screw job that the GOP dealt everyone just in time for the holidays. Randy brings some comedy (thank God...) and we provide heaps of clips from the year. Finally we crown our Tin Foil Hat of the Year. Guess who...?


Bill Show Classic: December 2016



Yes!!! It's a re-run!!! Wonder what we were saying December 18th 2016??  Pull up a chair and experience the wonder and awe that is...Bill Show Classic Collection! Enjoy Billsters!!

Who's profiting from the Russian Coup of the United States? Follow the money. While Trump appoints more comic relief for his Cabinet from Hell, we analyse the appointment of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State and his more than cozy relationship with the state owned oil company of Russia. The payoff for buying a President of the United States could be trillions of dollars in the pockets of Russian friends of Putin and the death of our planet. We look at a true story of the Christmas spirit and look towards the December 19th last call for saving America from Trump. We also embrace the crazy of a guy from Finland and the ever nutty John Bolton. Its another day watching the world burn...bring your own beverage... 

Bill Show #246: Merry Impeachmas!!!


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_246.jpgMerry Impeachmas!!! We stop to watch Donny have a temper tantrum after he becomes only the “Fourth President in American History Ever To Be Impeached”. Bring popcorn. Trump’s starting to pay off Senators to stay with him in the Senate vote. We discuss. We discuss the living soul of Jeff Van Drew (Democrat New Jersey) who decided to become a Republican. We also wonder what Tulsi Gabbard was blithering about when she voted “present” on impeachment. We discuss. We observe the Democratic Debate and ask the media question, “Does Bernie Sanders exist?” Morning Joe and MSNBC say “Not if we can help it”. We give you the gift of our first episode of “Bill and Randy’s Political Mystery Theatre 3000”. Yes radio drama at its very best. We bring the clips from politics and Randy bring a quiz. Merry Impeachmas, Billsters!!!!

Bill Show #245: The Devil And Devin Nunes



Randy returns from Thanksgiving in the USA . He contends with “Crazy Uncle Liberty” (copyright DGBG), and eats far too much. Meanwhile, a Giuliani associate is reportedly willing to tell Congress that Devin Nunes met with Ukrainians to get dirt on Biden and Democrats. We discuss. Mister Burns…Um….Mike Bloomberg is the candidate the public is crazy for. We laugh. For about an hour. Randy does a rolling rant and we catch up on some comedy. Pull up a chair….


Bill Show #244: GOP Sh*tshow


BILL_SHOW_COMIC_LIFE_244.jpgThe impeachment hearings are turning into “Dumb Dumb Legal” (new sitcom starring the GOP) as the Republicans scurry like rats to defend the first true Moron President. He tops it all off by trying to intimidate witnesses in real time. The rats are scurrying….get some popcorn.

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