Bill Show #269: The Wedding Singer


So this senile ex-President walks into a wedding. Yes Donny is now hounding the guests. This week, we talk about the unique 1964 approach the GOP has for winning elections in the South. Good thing the Conservative court overturned the 1965 Voting Rights Act, uh? As the GOP freaks out about their losses in the South, they go back to their original plan....restore Jim Crow in the South. Sydney Powell, Rudy G, Rupert Murdoch and Donald are getting a big heaping helping of Karma. Come and see kids!!!! I'll bring popcorn! Randy asks....should some forms of art be banned from the Public Forum because obvious racist and sexist stereotypes. We discuss. There's comedy and clips!

Bill Show #268: Cancun Or Bust


In this episode we congratulate what Trump called “the worst 100 days in American History”. Specifically bring back COVID supplies, passing a 1.7 trillion dollar recovery package to aid families, businesses and the working poor. In Trump’s first hundred days…he was in a twitter war with Arnold and debating the size of his…um…crowd. We also dive deep into the depths of Ted “Cacun” Cruise and the tone deaf entertainment at CPAC. We enjoy a big steaming heap of Karma for a Trump supporter. We discuss the Democrats who think you don’t deserve a living wage. Time for them to explain themselves? Finally Randy focuses on the rampant Republican free market energy policy that killed people in Texas. Its unbelievable….greed and right wing stupidity in Texas. What were the chances? We’ve got the most recent top political satire from the USA! 

Bill Show #267: Impeachment 2: Electric Boogaloo


Donny gets impeached again. The GOP gets him off again. We play some audio tape on Lyndsey Graham and Marco Rubio. They star as they scurry around justifying defending a Fascist Maniac.  We behold the new Crazy Act from the GOP…Marjorie Taylor Green! We love comedy. The cold winds blow and the fallout from the Trump coup attempt continues. Trump faces multiple possible charges of election fraud and tax fraud. We listen to some great satire and do some first class ranting. Pull up a chair…

Bill Show #266:The Final Curtain (Tip your rioters…)


We discuss the right wing rioters and other scurrying rats and reptiles trying to save their asses and hide from the FBI. We're not losing a cancer cure here, guys. Biden takes charge and GOP weasels are going on about "healing". No backing out of this one kids. We talk about "Illinois Nazis". We have some clips and comedy from the dark end of the Trump Twilight Zone Ending. Behold...

Bill Show #265: Dumb Les Miserables


It’s the inevitable ending to the Trump years, an attempted coup. Trump hypes up his lobotomised followers and they storm the Capital shit on the furniture while killing two people. The moron army (which looked like a Walmart threw up) took selfies with officers and gave their addresses while committing felonies while storming the barricades. It was dumb Les Miserables. Meanwhile, the GOP (THERE IS NO TRUMPISM) ran as quickly as they could to condemn the insurrection they incited. It was a hypocrisy wonderland watching treasonous Senators and the Psychopath In Chief back away from their trailer trash army of overweight 40-60 year old entitled white FOX viewers (with guns). The shit has predictably hit the fan. Time for people to go to jail. 

Bill Show #264: Let Them Eat Cake…


The Republicans are holding Christmas Parties while the COVID death total tops 304,000. Then the GOP blocks assistance to desperate Americans to get blanket immunity for corporations against all COVID claims for unsafe working conditions effecting low paid workers who continued to provide services during the plague. Let them eat cake. Fuck ‘em. Let’s Party. Randy brings the best in satire from the last two weeks and has a rant at the wind. Pull up a seat. Have some cake…

Bill Show #263: America To Trump - “Fuck Off, Asshole!”


We Won. Trump Lost. Yet he’s going out like he came in…an insane classless, brainless, grifting pig. Donny’s hold up in the White House asking the ghost of Dick Nixon…what happened? Meanwhile the criminal GOP are participating in an attempted coup in America. It won’t work. If Biden has any sense come January 20, he’ll set the Justice Department on every grifter who participated in the worst Presidency in American History. We’ve got the popcorn, it’s time to watch Nero fiddle while his empire burns…

Bill Show #262: Listen To This And VOTE TODAY!!!!!


OK. It's time to put up or shut up. This may be the most important moment in American history. Will we save the United States of America from a fascist...or will Bruce Springsteen move to Australia? We voted from Australia. Now its up to you!! Love and support to ALL OF YOU IN THE USA!!! TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!




Bill Show Mystery Theatre 3000 #1: Trump’s COVID Carnival


In the true spirit of radio theater...Welcome to first short episode of "The Bill Show Political Comedy Mystery Theater 3000".  Submitted for your approval...a terror filled tale that takes place in the oval office. Enjoy...

Bill Show #261:Final Days To Reckoning…Vol.1


Trump is behind in the swing states to Joe Biden. He has COVID and is now racing around the country infecting as many as possible in the most incredible display of insanity since...never. The walls are closing in. The endgame will depend on the VOTE! If you haven't voted go to  . If your in America make sure to turn out or get your vote in the mail now! That is all. We have fun and thrills this episode as we watch "Final Days To Reckoning" (Volume 1)....

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