Bill Show #234: “Impeach Him, For God Sake!!!”



Let's see...what's happened? Mueller leaves us with a huge amount of evidence, and an explanation that sounds like an iTunes agreement. However the shit on Donald keeps coming. It's time to impeach Donald because...let's HE'S GUILTY,HE'S CRAZY AND HE HAS NUCLEAR CODES!!! We discuss. Donny goes on a 10 minute rant (again) proving that as a President he makes a great narcissistic sociopath. He'll be dribbling soon. We discuss the Trump Justice Department's targeting of Freedom of the Press. We discuss how Julian Assange is being used as a Trojan Horse to suppress and destroy what's left of journalism. Joe Biden can't wait to compromise with the GOP. (It's great we have an inspiring front runner...) Meanwhile he's taking it easy and trying to walk back...well...a lot. We discuss. Randy brings in the clips and uncovers the truth about the new evangelical 51st state. (Blessed be the Fruit). Pull up a chair and join us...

Bill Show #233: Bolton’s War.



The bill is coming due for the Republicans blocking Merrick Garland from the Supreme Court. The bill's coming due for Brett Kavanaugh. Millions of women are in danger of losing their right to choose. We discuss. John Bolton is setting the board for another Gulf of Tonkin incident to start a war with Iran. We discuss. We look back at how the Conservatives defeated the Green New Deal in Australia. There is a lesson to be learned for the USA. We discuss. Randy brings the clips and we look back on the last couple of weeks in US politics. 


Bill Show #232: “The Bullsh*t Artist”



A subpoena is a legally enforceable demand for documents, data, or witness testimony. In Latin, “sub poena” means “under penalty.” But evidently...not anymore. As Trump stalls and the Democrats devote time to whether or not enforcing the law is politically convenient, our President "The Cheeto Mussolini" attempts a coup in Venezuela and moves US forces to Iran's backdoor. Barr proves himself to be the reincarnation of Roy Cohn. And by the way, the new UN report on biodiversity is outselling Stephen King at the bookstores. Randy brings in some funny clips and we drink heavily. Pull up a stool...

Bill Show #231: “Impeachable You..”



We take a hard look at the 10 different instances of obstruction of justice. In the words of 45, "I'm F**KED." You know. Just what completely innocent people say when they find out they're being investigated. We discuss. We take a two minute tour of Trump's  long romance with Uncle Vlad. (But forget that America...go to sleep...these aren't the droids you're looking for...) There's no money for the Green New Deal but the new defence budget is close to 3/4 of a trillion dollars. More than the next seven countries combined. We discuss. There is screaming. We discuss Joe Biden. We discuss the newest polls. Randy shares some brilliant political satire and we discuss the role of radical Christianity in American Politics. Then we have a new Tin Foil Hat of the week. Pull up a chair, set a spell...

Bill Show #230: “Trump’s Big Con”



Pay no attention to the last two years, America. Here, take this four page report from this guy I hired to protect me from the report I'm editing. Trust me. These aren't the droids your looking for....go back to sleep....suckers. The Don crows about the Mueller point. The media swallows it whole. Full court press by Rupert Murdoch. The Big Con. We discuss. Joe Biden....huggy granddad or sexual deviant? You decide. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? We discuss. Who the Hell is Mayor Pete? We discuss. Jump on board for a show loaded with outrage, grumbling...some drinking and clips from the last four weeks. 

Bill Show #229: “Bernie’s Back”



Trump and the GOP let loose the ID of crazy at the CPAC conference. The President babbles for two hours. He's a nutbag. Seb Gorka let's loose a tirade against socialism worthy of Ronald Reagan. We discuss. Sanders explodes onto the Primary field, raising 6,000,000 dollars in a day. He now tops the field of the contenders in Iowa and is becoming difficult to ignore. Cue the all out corporate media attack. MSNBC and CNN show the fear of establishment beltway pundits by  starting the circus of attacks on Sanders. Everything old is new again. We discuss. Finally, Randy brings the clips to round up the first weeks of March 2019. Climb on board as things heat up in America...

Bill Show #228: “The Real Emergency”



President Daffy Pants has run off to Vietnam (a first for him), leaving a state of emergency over a wall. Meanwhile scientists around the planet are screaming to save the world while we still can. Twelve years before we get the real time sequel to "The Day After Tomorrow", (Which is hilarious. Mankind's destiny is a BAD Roland Emmerich film..) We discuss. The Green New Deal gains support amongst Democrats. We discuss. Randy shares moments and clips from the events of the month. We include comedy. We're back...

Bill Show #227: President Stupid Reads Teleprompter.



We're back to watch Trump's scary 1939 style State of the Union. There were chants and women in white. The whole thing was a pseudo fascist shit fest. However most of America tuned into Stacey Abrams and Bernie Sanders. We discuss. Randy shares some clips from the media reaction. Pull up a chair and reflect on another year starting like the Twilight Zone.

Bill Show #226: “Impeach The Motherf*cker”



That's our view. We sit back and laugh as the media wets itself over a fact that everyone has known for a year. Trump's a traitor. Now he's gone to the mattresses, hold up in the White House with a ton of fast food and no one but the voices in his head for company. To prove his virility he's shut down the United States of America, he's also trying to distract from the judgement from Hell coming his way. He's dangerous. We discuss. After a great win in the mid terms the Democrats are doing it again mounting a full scale media blitz against Cortez and Sanders. Divided party anyone? Will they succeed in making the same mistake again? We discuss. We also have clips and comedy from the last three weeks. Happy 2019, folks!

Bill Show #225: Sh*t…Donny’s Home Alone



Kelley is leaving. Mattis is leaving. You remember all those guys that could "hold Trump back" from being crazy? They're all gone. Donny's Home Alone and we're all in peril...because he's insane. Trump also signs over Syria to Putin, following orders and screwing over our allies. GOP members privately say they are really scared for America, but too cowardly to stand up for it. We also look at the corrupt Republican Party and discuss a Senate Leadership taking big bucks from the Russians. We discuss. Its a very scary Christmas! Don't forget to give a donation to The Professional Left's "Go Fund Me Page" at


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