Bush, Bribes, Bangladesh and Bone Heads


Chock full of crazy, The Bill Show is on duty to sort it out. We discuss the rising popularity of George W. Bush as he dedicates his own library. We draw attention to multinationals doing business with unsafe sweat shops in Bangladesh. We discuss the STOCK Act which allows Congress and the Senate to make money through legal insider trading and we chart out the dozens of nut cases in the  Conservative media who are convinced that the Boston Bombing was due to a government conspiracy. It a great day for some crazy.

Boston, Bombs and Bullets


In this show we pay tribute to the great people of Beantown and have a serve at those who would attempt to rationalize carnage. We list and shame the shameful members of the US Senate who stopped gun legislation and draw attention to an investigation by the Guardian newspaper which totals up the cash these senators received from lobbyists. We also give our "tin foil hat" to the second most listened to talk show host in America. Listen in. Go Boston...

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That’s Popetastic!



We're back to business this week on the Bill Show. We chat about whether the new Pope will mean real change in the Catholic church. We also discuss a new investigation published in the Guardian newspaper which traces back where the Vatican got it's billions. We talk about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and their work in the US Senate to hold banks accountable for their actions. We also crown our "tin foil hat" winner of the week.  The Bill's are back in business...sit in.


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