DOMA, The Voting Rights Act and The Mysterious Death of Michael Hastings


Both Bill's are on board to discuss the last two crazy weeks in US politics. We navigate the crazy right as they have a fit over the fall of the Defense of Marriage Act. We chat about the political sabotage inflicted by the Supreme Court, who have gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act. We mourn the passing of award winning  journalist Michael Hastings and we start asking questions about the curious nature of his terrible death. We also revive our asshats and heroes, and pay tribute to a gutsy Texas legislator who wears pink tennis shoes. On aboard political geeks! The Bill's are taking you on a 1 hour tour!

Snowden and Mideast War 3 (The Final Chapter?)


This week The Bill Show discusses the revelations of Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower. We talk about the recent announcement from the Obama administration that the US will getting involved in yet another Mideast conflict...this time in Syria. We also spend time in our tin foil hat segment observing the talking heads of "Morning Joe" as they encounter the comedy of Russell Brand.  Jump in...the water's fine!

Michelle Goes Bye Bye And Obama Wants To Know How Long You Talked To Your Grandma In Jersey.


In this show we bid a fond farewell to the Queen of Crazy. We survey the "field of crazy" bucking to be the king of Nutville now that Michelle has left for a job on K Street. We talk about the news that the Obama Justice Department wants to know how long you talk to your crazy Uncle Bernie in Florida. We also pay tribute to Captain of the Enterprise. Make it so. Beam up and join us!


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