Zimmerman, Hastings and F#%king Texas.


The Bill's talk about the verdict in the Treyvon Martin trial. We discuss shocking new events in the suspicious death of Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings. We also check out Rick Perry and his plan to poach jobs from other states, despite his terrible record on everything from the environment to safe regulation. We also salute the fine work of The Daily Show's Lewis Black. 


Grumpy Old Liberals.


The Bill's get grumpy. We discuss the phony progressives at MSNBC who continue to smear Snowden rather than reporting on what he has revealed. We check out the newest ad campaign designed by the KOCH brothers to sell the idea of abolishing the minimum wage. We also check out the fine people who run Walmart and their ongoing feud with Washington DC (and minimum wage workers). This is a show that is definitely not meant for work. (Listen in...and take your meds.)


Independence Day, Activism and the destruction of Wall Street Regulation.


In this show we talk about grassroots activism and the story of a small town in Australia standing against one of the world's most powerful multinationals. We talk to one of the activists fresh from their interview with CNN. We also discuss how Bush appointed judges are helping to dismantle controls introduced after the World Financial Crisis. We also listen to an amazing speech given by Martin Sheen (aka President Jeb Bartlett) about the need for activism. Pull up a chair and join us...
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The Bill Show’s Summer Vacation TV Wonderland. (Special Edition)


THIS IS A SPECIAL NON-POLITICAL EDITION OF THE BILL SHOW! In this edition of The Bill Show, we take a break from politics and survey the many options for visual entertainment during your summer vacation! Yes, we review some classic television choices, that you can purchase and re-experience. Joining us is TV Producer/ Comedy Writer Stephen Hall. Grab some popcorn and a diet beverage and listen to our choices for the best in classic TV.