Sociopaths, Santorum and Emoprogs.


The Bill's welcome New York broadcaster Eric Williams. We talk about the tragic shooting of an Australian baseball player in Oklahoma. We discuss the existence of a new form of Democrat...the "emoprog". We also name an old dependable tin foil hat. Listen in to the progressive chat...


Cairo Calling.


In this episode the Bill's ask...when is a coup not a coup? Answer: When 1.3 billion dollars in arms sales are at stake. We also explore the happy gulag for cops and citizens being operated by Michael Bloomberg and Ray Kelly in NYC. We announce our "tin foil hat" by tuning to FOX...(surprise). Its a chock full bucket of progressive goodness!!


Embassy Freak Out, Obama and a Vacation in Detroit.


The Bill's are on deck and talking. We look at the American media freak out over embassy closures. The Bill's investigate the Banks that are looting the City of Detroit, and hear the words of Naomi Klein, author of "The Shock Doctrine". And finally, we listen to a press conference, Jay Leno and announce our tin foil hat of the week. (Hint: Play "Hail To The Chief".....)


Manning, Rush and Carlos Danger


In this episode we look again at the revalations revealed by Bradley Manning and wonder why we are trying to murder whistle blowers who reveal war crimes. We take a ride with Carlos Danger and name a fat man with a cigar our tin foil hat for the week. Welcome aboard, Billsters!