Bill Show #105: America Literally Loses It’s S%!t!!


Its time to panic and Bill and Brother Randy are on the gravy-train to the Ebola zombie apocalypse as America loses its shit. We check in with the crazy from Glen Beck and the Christian Right as they look on the bright side of deadly viruses. We take up the argument of Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly and discuss the facts of white privilege in America. We introduce you to some very open minded born-again Christians and crown our Tin Foil Hat! It's the "end of the world," hop aboard! 

Bill Show #104: Bill Maher, Ben Affleck, Ebola and Rick Perry.


Bill and Brother Randy are back to tackling the question of the Bill Maher a bigot? We thrash out the details of whether the funniest angry guy on the left has a point. We also discuss where Gov. Rick Perry was while the City of Dallas allowed Ebola to fester for 9 days. We have an episode of "Uncle Randy's Political Fairytale" where we wonder what the world would be like if Mitt Romney had been elected President. We also crown the tin foil hat! The Bill Show is sailing...come aboard, matey!

Bill Show #103: Let’s Get Silly, Baby…


SPECIAL VERY SILLY EDITION!  Yes, we're talking even more silly than our usual stumble through the political graveyard of US politics. We're talking absurd. Writer for Australia's own Daily Show, ABC's "Mad As Hell", joins the Bill Show once again, as we list our favorite hilarious songs! The show has one make you smile!  (Don't worry we'll go back to talking about ISIS, climate change and ebola next week...)


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