Bill Show #108: “It’s Good To Be The King…”


Bill and Brother Randy witness the time of "Emperor Obama", who rashly did something that he had been threatening to do for the last six months. Immigration reform. Republicans lose their shit. The major networks refuse to give the speech coverage...another clever ploy by the "liberal media". We watch all of America turn into a fucking Roland Emmerich film as storms and temperatures break records....climate change? What me worry? We pay tribute to the genius of Mike Nichols. We also crown some tin foil hats! Climb aboard Billsters!!!

Bill Show #107: America Sticks Its Head Up Its Ass


We debrief after the shit storm. We unload on the Democratic Party that tried to run as Republican Light. We figure out who voted and who didn't. (Research shows that no one got off the couch). We share news from the net including how to survive the Republican Senate and the top 5 crazy theories championed by the CRAZY new GOP Congress. We also deal with the Chuck Todd problem. Finally we share a prime tin foil hat. Don't panic...grab your towels!

Bill Show #106: America Votes (Goddamn it!)


As America contemplates inserting itself up its own rectum by giving the GOP control of the Senate, Bill and Brother Randall discuss the most recent polls for the midterms. We then listen to some of the crappiest political ads of the season. We run down the major examples of the 500 bills blocked by the GOP during the Obama Years and contemplate what the GOP will do to the country if we don't VOTE! We talk about Rush's problem with the ladies. We also crown a wondrous pair of tin foil hats. Slide yourself into that voting booth and pull the lever baby!


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