Bill Show #116: Send In The Cruze.



Yes...the GOP clown car is filling up and Ted (first you get the money...then you get the power...) Cruz is lining up for 2016! Bill and Brother Randy enjoy themselves counting the lies in his campaign launch. We look at the wonderful Cruz family and Lonny Raphael Cruz the loveable crazy Dad who is the star of the most fascist sitcom ever to come out of Canada. We check in with Jim Jefferies and his wonderful rant on "Guns in America". We discuss the coming TPP agreement that seeks to void the entire American JusticeĀ system for theĀ benefit of large multinational corporations (nothing to worry about...go back to sleep America). We also have some wicked Tin Foil Hats! Its the start of the 2016 campaign season, guys...jump on board the clown car!


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