Bill Show #123: American Gothic



Bill and Randy sift through the wreckage of another mass shooting. We join FOX as they try to figure out whether America has a constant race problem. The smart boys at FOX say "No". We look at Bernie Sanders and the new numbers out of New Hampshire. We admire the true batshit that is Donald Trump's Presidential announcement. We rejoice as SCOTUS validates Gay Marriage and upholds Obamacare (tough luck GOP). Bill O'Reilly outdoes himself and earns an all star tin-foil hat. We also have all the clips and comedy from the past two weeks in American Politics. Hop on board the Bill and Randy cruise ship to crazy...

Bill Show #122: The Hillary and Bernie Show!



Yes, Bill and Randy preview the new Progressive sitcom (....she's a very tidy high flying Secretary of State and he's a grumpy socialist slob with a heart of gold but can't comb his hair....can they live together in a campaign bus?). We take a look at the first polls and stories coming out of Iowa, a state whose caucuses and polls have no meaning whatsoever. So why are we even talking about it? I dunno. Like do I REALLY CARE what some guy from "Field of Dreams" thinks? Sorry...anyway. We also talk about the amazing career of new recruit to the clown car Rick "I look smarter with glasses on"  Perry. Its true comedy. Just like "Tango and Cash". We have a Randy's Rant about voting rights and the olde time bigots targeting Hillary Clinton on youtube. We share clips from the recent political comedy shows in the US. We also serve up a World Class tin foil hat. It's that time again, folks....lets check out the issues and the freak show! Jump in...the crazy's fine...


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