Bill Show #125: Show Me The Money.



OK...this is the REAL episode kids. Bill and Randy listen to the past two weeks of "word farts" from "The Donald". We also quote an investigation from Mother Jones revealing the Clinton State Department and their work to frack Eastern Europe with Halliburton and Exxon Mobile. Those fossil fuel industries are making big bucks for the Clinton Campaign. We also discuss revelations reported  in "The Intercept" about Private Prison Corporation Lobbyists who are working hard for Hillary in 2016. Yes, its time to play..."Show Me The Money!!!!  We talk about Ted Cruz's falling out with James T Kirk and whether your dog has the capacity to sense an asshole. We also look over the most recent numbers and hoist another two tin foil hats. It's show #125....climb aboard folks!

The Bill Show #124: Trumped.



Bill and Brother Randall buy a ticket to the Donald Trump sideshow of Wonder (See the BEARDED WOMAN!!!!) and we look at the last two weeks on the election trail. We check in with the former President and his wife as they charge veterans for the pleasure of their presence. We catch up with Uncle Joe Scarborough as he yells and scares the children on "Morning Joe". We catch up on the bakery in Oregon who caused a fuss about baking gay wedding cakes. In "What's All This Then?" we ask the question: Where is former Attorney General Eric Holder going to work now? (Anyone surprised when it's for a company that works for the folks he didn't prosecute when he was AG?). In our Tin Foil Hats we salute some world class crazy. Its another two weeks of fear and loathing...climb aboard!


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