Bill Show #129: Trumpnado 2!


Its back to the freak show. Trump mutters some gunk about why vaccines cause autism and Carly lies herself silly about Planned Parenthood. Yes, its a three hour leak of toxic waste that made you want to steal Ronald Reagan's airplane and fly to Cuba. Rick Perry ponders whether to return his PAC money as he skunks back to Texas with a cool 13 million. Clinton yucks it up while Uncle Bernie goes to the home of Jerry Faldwell and delivers the best speech of the Primaries (so far). Texan school administrators get crazy over an alarm clock from Radio Shack. We finally round up our tin foil hats. Hop aboard for the "The Bill Show"...Trumpnado Edition.

Bill Show #128: “This Is 2008 All Over Again”



Its panic in the Hillary campaign as Bernie tops Hillary in New Hampshire and draws within the margin of error in Iowa. A Clinton pollster is quoted as saying,"It's 2008 all over again". We discuss the new poll results in the last two weeks and talk about what is becoming the craziest Democratic Primary since...well...2008. We discuss where mainstream candidate are getting their money, thanks to a new report from the FEC. We take a look at the new the GOP conservative dummy spit about Kim Davis, the crazy Kathy Bates look a like from the heartland. We reflect on Trumps plans to Nuke the Middle East in his first 100 days. We help Scott (Koch boy) Walker build a wall around Canada. We also check in with clips and comedy from the last two weeks in politics.  Finally we turn down the comedy and discuss the terrible refugee problem facing the world, and the politicians who condone brutality.


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