Bill Show #131: Adult Swim.


The Democrats had an intelligent discussion of relevant issues facing the country in the next four know...a debate. Bill and Randy discuss a Democrat debate that made you proud not to a Republican. We investigate the post debate beltway response that seemed divorced from EVERY SINGLE post debate poll. We discuss the Hillary a "progressive"? We also go over the record and analyse the claims made by the candidates. Randy's rant investigates the origins of the second amendment and how the right of your crazy Uncle to own an UZI is a fairly recent development. (Thanks Supreme Court...great work...) We share a giggle with all the recent political comedy clips. Finally we end with two certified heroes! It's a Honeymoon in Vegas for Democrats...climb aboard everyone!!!!

Bill Show #130: Stuff Happens



Bill and Randy inspect the GOP reaction to the most recent mass murder in Oregon. We discuss the experience in Australia and Obama's passionate speech from the White House. We discuss the possibility of Hillary using the gun issue to appeal to progressives, after her solid policy statements in the past week. We salute the spin doctor of death, Mike Huckabee and his rehearsed FOX talking points after every act of carnage. We look back on the amazing visit of the Pope to Washington and the right wing attacks on the pontiff. We haul out two incredible tin foil hats. Also, as a Bill Show special, we "Meet the Outback" as we travel through Australia and get the Aussie take on the American election. We talk with Nick Seidenman, the actor and activist who has been in the middle of a showdown between a small Australian town and McDonald's Corporation. 


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