Bill Show #134: Why Is Trump Isis’s Best Friend?


Bill and Randy investigate the questions in the media after the terrible terror attacks in Paris. We answer the vexing question, "Why do they hate us?" We also stop laughing as Trump shows us the ugly face of the American Right. We discuss why Trump is following a policy that would make him Isis's best friend. We look at Ted Cruz and ask...where's HIS birth certificate? Finally we have a short moment to discuss the many questions we receive as a Progressive Podcast overseas. It's getting ugly on the campaign trail... 

Bill Show #133: No Minimum Wage Increase For You!



Bill and Randy discuss another debate in crazy town. We ask the eternal question, will the economy collapse if your waiter gets 15 dollars an hour? The GOP says yes. We take a look at the facts. In Randy's Rant, we take a look at the Loony Right's beef with Starbuck's Christmas Cups. We include some wonderful comedy clips. Finally we discuss the craven irresponsibility of GOP candidates who endorse a man who cites the Bible when inferring that all gay people should be put to death. Its our new one hour format WEEKLY Bill Show. Climb aboard!

Bill Show #132: Bring it, Bitches…


Yes, Hillary destroys the GOP in the Bengazi hearings, sending her poll numbers soaring. She also starts playing fast and lose with her attacks on Bernie Sanders after the Democratic debate. We ask the absurd Sanders a misogynist? We also look at the the gradual destruction of Jeb Bush during the second GOP debate. We discuss the amazing work of crazy performance art that IS...Ben Carson. (Hell0, Doctor Nick!). And finally we discuss Halloween with our favourite senile old Uncle. It's show #132....Climb on board!


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