Bill Show #137: New York Values



Bill and Randy are back with their heathen "New York Values". In this episode we sift through the recent Democratic and GOP debates with a segment we call "Bravos and Bullshit". Tune in to see who takes home the gold...( could be the GOP). We discuss the disturbing habit of racists who feel they no longer have to censor their bullshit in public. We serve up some fantastic clips from this month's cavalcade of political comedy and finally crown a new set of tin foil hats. It's a show brimming with unclean "New York Values". Take the circle line to the Empire State and hop on board!!!!

Bill Show #136: 2016…Time To Stand.



Bill and Randy are back from the holiday break in America. We crown our 2015 Tin Foil Hat of the Year (hint...he wears a ferret on his head). We play the disturbing new parlour decide..."Is It Trump or Hitler?" Its a fun game, guaranteed to depress the entire family. We focus on a bunch of lonely cowpokes in Oregon, who just can't seem to attract any interest. Finally we hear Obama's mild suggestions on gun reform and the putrid response by FOX and the GOP candidates. Finally we seriously come to the conclusion that to save America each every one of us...MUST STAND.


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