Bill Show #140: What Happens in Vegas…Stays In Vegas.



Bill and Randy come to terms with Donald Trump and the fact that he's going to actually be nominated by the GOP. We say goodbye to Jeb! We discuss the troubling polls showing Trump running well against Clinton. We then silently contemplate the coming apocalypse. We salute the President for his service. (And the fact that, in a city of corrupt, evil morons, he has been the adult). We discuss the embarrassing mess that was revealed by "The Jimmy Door Show" which pointed to shonky voting in Sin City. We also serve up some crazy Tin Foil Hats. Feed the slot machines and mind the kids...we're going to Vegas!

Bill Show #139: It’s Getting Nasty.



Trump wins in New Hampshire and we say goodbye to a few GOP crazies. Bernie crushes Hillary with the biggest rout in a New Hampshire primary since 1964. Despite the landslide, Hillary walks away with the SAME amount of delegates. We explain the undemocratic procedure linked to Super Delegates. We look at the GOP's assault on a woman's right to choose and listen to Hillary on women's rights. We discuss the strange, weird and loopy idea that the Sander's campaign is sexist. We discuss the speeches Hillary won't reveal from Goldman Sachs and read an eyewitness's recollection that doesn't sound good for Clinton. We listen to some classic Hillary and Bernie moments from that past. We chuckle over some fantastic clips and crown two new Tin Foil hats. New Hampshire is in the rear view mirror....we're going to Vegas!!! Climb aboard!!!

Bill Show #138: Shit-storm in Iowa. Feeling the Bern in New Hampshire…



Bill and Randy sort out the coin tosses in Iowa as the establishment media goes batshit in response to the caucuses. We listen to classic comedy from the News Hour's David Brooks. We discuss Hillary getting all precious about being a progressive. We look at the record. We listen to a story told by Liz Warren about Hillary from 2004 when she had a chance to vote against Wall Street. 10 guesses how that one ended. We listen to Cenk Uger from the Young Turks as he responds to Howard Kurtz and the mainstream media. Brilliant. We ask why no one from birther movement is concerned about Ted Cruz's Canadian past...(could the difference be that Cruz isn't black?) We serve up Tin Foil hats and tons of comedy and political clips from the last two weeks on the campaign trail. Hop aboard the bus to Hartford!!


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