Bill Show #145: The Empire State Strikes Back.



In this episode we sift through the rubble of the rumble in the cement jungle. We discuss the idea that the next Presidential Candidate of the Party of Lincoln is Donald (ugh) Trump. I threw up in my mouth a bit. We discuss the pressure that Sanders supporters are now under to unify with Hillary. We venture into the world of social media (aka crazy town, USA). We discuss the separation of church and state and have a listen to some rather conflicting views. Finally we serve up some incredible tin foil hats. We're saying goodbye to Broadway...come on along!

Bill Show #144: The Art of the Smear.



It all gets ugly in the Empire State. The Daily News, owned by Clinton Foundation money man, Mort Zuckerman runs a smear job to welcome Sanders to NYC. We discuss the links of Zuckerman to the Clinton Foundation and survey the absurd allegation that Sanders should apologise to Sandy Hook parents even though he rates a D- from the NRA. We discuss the suddenly acceptable Crazy-Pants, looney bird that is Ted Cruz. We visit the cray-cray that IS TRUMP NATION. We listen to the best political comedy from the last two weeks and crown two new tin foil hats. It's time to climb into the New York gutter with The Pizza Rat. Come on along!


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