Bill Show #148: Splitting the Democratic Party For Dummies.



This week we observe the length and breadth of the shaft as the Hillary campaign and the DNC do their best to alienate their liberal base before a general election. We listen to the amusing administration and public speaking skills of Roberta Lange at the Nevada Convention. We then decend into the spin room as Debbie ("clearly impartial") Wasserman-Schultz, lies herself silly on CNN.  Then we discuss the crazy reaction to the new Disney movie (it might turn kids gay). Finally we check in with some tin foil hats and salute an American broadcasting legend. Get in line for some non-existing chair throwing...hop on board!

Bill Show #147: Time To Eat It, America!



Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee for President. We discuss the new article indicating that the GOP nominee doesn't read anything but Hitler and believes he's genetically superior. We look at the swing to the right for Hillary, as she looks to the general election. However recent polls show Hillary ahead by only 6 points nationally, as Sanders beats Trump by 13. Naturally, the Democrats are nominating Clinton. Go figure. We look at the crazy toilet controversy involving LGBT rights. We crown two more tin foil hats and listen to some great comedy clips. Come on board, folks...

Bill Show #146: P.S…The Zombies Are In The Mall.



In this episode we discuss the strange way the Clinton Campaign is trying to unify the the Democratic Party. We take a look at the strange coupling of Karly and Cruze in the fictional Presidency that takes place in Ted Cruz's fever dreams. We take a close look at the "Presidential Trump" as he delivers a stump speech at a riot in California endorsing mass murder and war crimes (he laughs...people cheer). We are reminded that...indeed...the zombies are in the mall. We discuss the new Harriet Tubman $20, and hear some great clips. Finally...we give out the Tin Foil hats. We're gonna rock like its 1939...come on along. 



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