Bill Show #184: How Ossoff Got “Swiftboated” In Georgia



After a tragic shooting, the GOP waste no time using the blood shed to wage the dirtiest campaign we've seen in years to defeat the Democratic Nominee in Georgia. We discuss the royal ratf%cking and remind ourselves that...yes the GOP are truly the champions of the gutter. We remember their effective use of fear and slander though out the years...from the Kerry swiftboat. An astounding legacy. Randy has an articulte Rant and we award our tin foil hat. There's no joy in mudville...

Bill Show #183: High Noon.



The same guy that damned the nation to Trump, now may be Trump's undoing. Damn, couldn't make this shit up. Really. We go over the discovery from the Comey hearing, and laugh ourselves silly as Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets offended that Comey called Trump a liar. Hilarious. We observe the GOP as they try to ram through their rape of the treasury before their personally owned wack job implodes. We listen to a super Randy's rant, give out or tin foil hat and pay tribute the Original Batman. It's "The Bill Show"....same Bill Time...same Bill Channel!!


Bill Show #182: Highway To Hell.



Trump does his best to destroy the planet and suck up to the Koch brothers by withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. We listen to the editorial from the Orange County Sentinel that backs President Crazy Pants. Then we take our meds. We talk about the Democrat who was running against Steve King who has had to withdraw fearing for her life. Meanwhile Kathy Griffin is crucified in the press for holding a bloody Trump mask. We remember the eight years of GOP threats against Obama and Trump's incitment of violence in the campaign and wonder...WTF? We listen to the whiny Shaun Hannity, who is taken down by the Onion. We wonder why the new "Wonderwoman" film isn't "American" enough. We include all the newest comedy clips from the world of US politics. Hitch a ride on The Highway To Hell...


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