Bill Show #192: Hillary’s Magical Memory Tour.



Oh Brother. Just when the left seemed unified after a victory on health care, HRC drops a festering turd in the middle of the room. Now the knives are out for Sanders and the only one happy has to be the GOP. We discuss the facinating alternative facts of Hillary Clinton, and the reasons why she decided to ignite a turf war within the Left. We discuss the recent wild rumours of Trump being drugged within the White House (how can you tell?) and an interview with the growing KKK religious right. We also round up with a tin foil hat. Rock up for the mystery tour...

Bill Show #191: We Hate Illinois Nazis…



Jesus. We go away for two weeks and Nazis become stylish again. We discuss the right wing showing what we always suspected...they get nostalgic watching the History Channel.  We take a look at the fact that we may have mentioned climate change in relation to Hurricane Harvey...(but we think we got away with it...) There's oodles of new evidence showing tighter ties between the Trump Campaign and Russia DURING the 2016 campaign. Finally we have some classic tin foil hats as well some great political comedy. It's good to be back...climb on board Billsters!!!



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