Bill Show #194: The Putin/Trump Body Count.



We're back this week talking about the amazing body count of mysterious deaths both in Russia and in the US of high ranking  political and intel officials  since Trump was elected. We discuss a report from Rachel Maddow detailing the lonely and mysterious end to GOP politico Peter W. Smith. It's like an episode of "Murder She Wrote" without the cute music. We discuss the recent scathing piece by Matt Tiabbi from Rolling Stone. The DNC is also doing its best to split the Democratic Party. Yes, its "the night of long knives" for former Bernie Supporters. We take a look. Randy revisits recent edicts from the Department of Justice that pay back the evangelical right for their support. Good luck getting your boss to pay birth control, ladies! We close with an earth shaking Tin Foil Hat. Board the "meat wagon"...


Bill Show #193: “On The Path To World War III….”



We're back just in time for former Trump Supporter Bob Corker to tell us how close we are to Nuclear War. Thanks alot, Bob. You figured out the guy you supported was crazy. Good work. We also listen to the same rubbish from the NRA and the White House that we hear every time a nut job kills a large group of people. Randy talks Health Care and and we have a double barrelled tin foil hat. Welcome to the War Room....

Classic Bill Show: The Guy Who Is Going To Jail.



Sorry for the re-run folks. This is from March, and we review the ongoing investigation of Trump. We discuss the sad case of Paul Manafort, the man most likely to be charged in the ongoing Trump investigation. We'll be back after I return from the States. In the meantime, please enjoy this flsh from the past with Bill and Randy...


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