Bill Show #202: Trump Takes Hostages.



Trump and his party of scumbags take children hostage in a budget fight that closes down the Federal Government. We look back and discuss the payback that Trump gave Lindsey Graham at the cost of children's lives. We discuss what YOU can do from abroad with Thomas Lopez head of Democrats Abroad Victoria. We discuss the Women's March that saw hundreds of thousands people world wide stand against the Great Cheeto Molester. Randy brings us a walk through the year of Trump and brings back an old friend of the show. We finally remember Martin Luther King, and how the racism that killed him is alive and well in the Republican party.

Bill Show #201: The Mad King.



Vanity Fair reporter Michael Wolff tells us what we already knew...Trump is in over his head and people around him are either traitors or scared to resign because they're afraid what he'll do if they leave. We survey the damage after the tell all book. We discuss the GOP conspiracy to surpress the ongoing investigations and targeting the authors of the Trump dossier. We ask the musical question...President Oprah? Randy has a first class rant and we crown our tin foil hat. 


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