Bill Show #207: Russian Analytica and Comrade Trump.



We go down the merry road to conspiracy when we learn of Cambridge Analytica and thier ties with Putin and Russian interests. We discuss the lovely meeting that Trump operatives (Betsy DeVos's brother) had with comrades from Russia to avoid detection from US intel. We look at new Secretary of State Robert (Mad as a Cut Snake) Bolton and his wish list of countries to invade. We also notice that he has connections guessed it...friends of Vlad in Russia. Randy salutes the amazing kids who won't back down over guns. 

Classic Bill Show: The Manchurian President.- February 2017



With all the breaking news on Russia...we thought we'd throw out our show from Febuary last year. We hate to say we told you so...but we told you so....

Bill Show #206: Donny’s Korean Vacation.



In our most recent episode we look over the most recent distraction from the Trump reality show. The country's loudest executive "fucking moron" will be meeting with Pugsley in North Korea. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship. We watch Betsy DeVos's daffy brain explode on 60 minutes. We trace the recent activities of Trump's cabinet of aseembled hacks and morons. Randy keeps up the pressure on the NRA as kids walk out around the country. We wind up with a classic "Tin Foil Hat".


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