Bill Show #211: Killing The Wave.



Well, Trump is busy tossing lit matches into gasoline in North Korea and Iran. The case for removing a complete lunatic from control of nukes would seem to undeniable. However the DCCC is busy doing their best to piss off their base and are unable to decide what they actually stand for.We look at the new Reuters poll, showing the Democrats losing mellenials at an alarming rate before the midterm elections. We discuss the Australian reaction to Hillary's visit downunder. Randy talks about the why the vote will have to be high to beat the GOP in the house. We also bring you a world class tin foil hat. 


Bill Show #210: Moron Heaven



The Cheeto Benito got on Fox and babbled like a mental patient for a half an hour. Thank God he has nukes, right? We listen to the GOP snowflakes get all upset over Michelle Wolf's jokes at the Correspondent's Dinner. We look back at Morning Joe's attempt to deny any responsibility for Trump. They know that we have tapes, right? Paul Ryan dismisses the House Chaplain a Christian. Ben Carson raises the rent on the poor and disabled...just like Jesus would do. Randy gives his view of real comedy. We look back at Obama...the stand up comic. We also give up our tin foil hat for show 210. Come on board! 



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