Bill Show #214: F*ck Civility..



Justice Kennedy, the swing vote on the Supreme Court is leaving town (to retire to a gated community somewhere), giving America's Monster King the chance to eliminate legal rights for women, civil rights and gay rights. Meanwhile the thug in chief has decided that to start kidnapping immigrant children and throwing them into internment camps. We discuss child abuse and its role in American Policy. We review a new poll that shows a sizable percentage of Americans don't blame Trump...or favour the policy. In the same week, America withdraws from the UN Human Rights Council. Randy reviews the new Trump "Space Force". We discuss. We also dissect the latent inhumanity of the Right. 

Bill Show #213: The Dark Side.



Another two weeks. New information from the Cambridge Analytica Investigation shows that the base data used by the company indeed DID come from Russian Intelligence. Evidently the research from St. Petersberg University was a study on a study of toxic personality traits on Facebook. They said one goals of the project was to ascertain the mental wellbeing of the respondents and, as appropriate, offer free counseling. (Or manipulate and weaponise crazy know...The Dark Side). We discuss Paul Manafort's newest ties to Russia. Donny evidently is complaining that he cant watch porn in the White House. We discuss. Randy analyses the newest Trump distraction...Blame Canada. We talk with Dr. Nick Seidelman about the state of the union. Randy brings on a great Tin Foil Hat. 

Bill Show #212: Roseanne Tweets (…1400 people die in Puerto Rico).



We live in a strange time. A deranged stand up comedian does something on social media and the entire news media ignores the death of 1400 Americans. We discuss. Melania has been taken by aliens. We discuss. Pedophiles are running for Congress in the US. We discuss. Randy opens the lid on legal teen marriage in the USA as we check out a recent BBC report. We also include another tin foil hat. 


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