Bill Show #218: Donald J Trump…Super Genius.



The worm has turned. Karma has visited the Cheeto Benito with a vengence. Trump's lawyer, accountant and media fixer are all talking and the shitstorm we predicted two weeks ago, has turned to a hurricane. We discuss. David Pecker has a safe. The Pecker has a safe. We discuss. Donny behaves like stupid Tony Soporano and admits campaign finance felony on Fox and Friends. Randy has clips from the last two weeks including hints on how to understand people abroad. We end with a guy named "Hank" who says God votes for Trump. We discuss his reflections on the almighty. Its beginning to look alot like Christmas...

Bill Show #217: “Why Trump Is NOT Nixon.”



As the walls close in, Trump and the GOP come to the conclusion that their only option is chaos. Devin Nunes is recorded confessing that the GOP will do anything to stay in power...including obstruct Justice. The Russian cyberattacks have started.  A full scale assault on selected districts and candidates has already started. Taking into consideration that Trump is mentally ill, how far is he and the GOP prepared to go to stay in power? If you think he'll jet off to San Clemente and write his haven't been paying attention. We discuss. Randy surveys the diffrences in culture that Americans must deal with overseas. Finally, we pay tribute to a legend. You know who we're talking about...think. 


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