Bill Show #220: Playing The Victim



Yes we're late!! Sorry folks. We take a look at the Brett Kavenaugh hearings and bathe in the hypocricy  as the GOP frames a man accused of sexual assault as the victim. Oh...and he should be on the Supreme Court for life. We look at the checkered political past of Brett Kavenaugh when he quested to destroy Bill Clinton with no mercy. We enjoy the karma. We salute a real American hero..Christine Blasey Ford. We have a classic Randy's Rant from last year. Finally we enjoy the method acting of the Meryl Streep of the Senate...Lyndsey Graham.

Bill Show #219: Man The Lifeboats!!!



The poo is hitting the fan. The exits are starting to open and the GOP are building lifeboats. The lie they are peddling is that the problem is Trump...not the rotted, malignant, national tumor that is the modern Republican Party. Enter the anonymous op-ed in the NY Times from the "resistance" in the White House. We also take a look at the next Stephen King thriller by Bob Woodward telling us that our President is a venal dim witted fruitcake.  Randy faces off with Fox over the evils of socialism. Finally we crown another tin foil hat. 


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